When updating your house, there may the assumption that you need to install a new kitchen, replace your furniture and look to move forward with a completely revamped interior. Although this may be a good idea in theory, the time involved in making such changes will be considerable, not forgetting to mention the incredible cost of such changes, especially if the changes are not needed.

An alternative to this would be to just change the doors on your wardrobe and kitchen cabinets, we will discuss why doing this is a more feasible option.

Replacing Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Over time, as you cook in your kitchen, cabinet doors may fall victim to the elements happening around them. This includes splashbacks from oil and the moisture and grime from condensation that didn’t get a chance to ventilate properly, these things can make your cabinet look older than it actually is.

A welcome solution to this would be to replace your kitchen cabinet doors with new ones, giving the whole room as instant refresh. If your walls are painted in a neutral colour, you could even opt for a different colour scheme to the ones you already have and give your decor a whole new lease of life.

If you’re in the market for something traditional, the Westbury Matt Mussel would be our recommendation. If you’re opting for a more modern look, high gloss doors in a non-standard colour such as Zurfiz Ultragloss Metallic Blue are a great choice. Doing this wouldn’t just improve your kitchen’s appearance it will also make it look as if your whole kitchen is new! 

Replacing Wardrobe Doors

If you’re in the process of revamping your bedroom, changing your wardrobe doors can instantly improve the appearance of the room. Over time, with natural wear and tear, their appearance may not be what they once were, even though the inside of the wardrobe may be working in regular order. 

We offer a range of wardrobe doors to suit your requirements. For example, if you favour a contemporary design, look no further than the minimalistic style of our Warwick range, or, if you’re looking to create a focal point in the room with your choice of doors, the Gothic range is the perfect option. All wardrobe doors are available in a variety of colours to match your interior.

At Hot Doors, we believe in high-quality and stimulating designs, creating a whole new look for your bedroom or kitchen without breaking the bank. We have a wide range of styles available to choose from, available to order online today for fast UK delivery

If you have any questions regarding our designs or finishes, contact our specialists today on 01279 883 099, who will be more than happy to help you.