Kitchen door handlesWhen it comes to choosing the right kitchen door handles for your kitchen makeover, it’s natural to want to make the best choice. But with so many stylish options available, how do you narrow it down to just one?! Don’t fear. We’ve put together a guide to choosing the right kitchen cupboard handles to make the process a little easier.

Should I choose the kitchen cupboard style first? Or the handles?

There are situations where you may decide on the kitchen cupboard handles before you choose your actual kitchen cupboard doors. Perhaps you’ve seen a set of handles that struck you as perfect or special and want to base your kitchen design around them. It is a rarer situation, but with so much choice on offer nowadays for all types of handles, it’s no surprise. Honeycomb effect kitchen door hanleTake, for example, handles studded with Swarovski crystals, these would look perfect with a black ultragloss door, or our unique honeycomb effect square handle which brings a distinctive look to traditional and woodgrain cupboard doors. In most cases, however, it is common to choose your handles after you’ve chosen a style for the cupboard.

Complement your kitchen cupboard style

Most kitchen designs opt for modern or traditional themes, which means you will have chosen a cupboard that will fit with this theme. Wide D kitchen cupboard door handleYou should then, therefore, make sure your kitchen door handles follow suit. For instance, if you have a shaker style wooden door, our wide D handle in a brushed steel finish might just be a perfect choice. Or, if you’ve opted for a modern style kitchen with gloss cabinets, then a good choice would be our pitted bar handle which comes in a chrome finish.

Consider the material of your kitchen cupboard doors

When it comes to choosing the right kitchen cupboard handles it’s important to consider what your door is made of. Twister kitchen door knobThis will have an effect of the type of handle that will be a suitable choice. For instance, if you have a high-gloss door, it may look a little out of place to pair this with a wooden handle. As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t mix types of wood and you shouldn’t mix and match any handles. Keep them consistent across the entire kitchen and you’ll create a stunning design.

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