pantone yellow

The Pantone Colour system is an essential colour matching system worldwide. The system began in 1963 to solve colour matching issues in the printing industry. After many years, Pantone became the simplest method to identify and combine colours using a catalogue format.

Colour of the Year

The Institute initiated the colour of the year as a trendsetter concept for the marketing, branding, and creative society in general. The category considers culture, fashion, social media, politics, and marketing before picking the year’s colour representative. The chosen hue has a significant influence in the world of design every year.

Here at Hot Doors, we offer a wide selection of replacement kitchen cupboard doors, panels, and components to spice up your kitchen spaces with a new look, best of all, they come in many colours allowing you to create a pantone inspired kitchen design. So, what is the colour of the year for 2021?

The Pantone Colour of 2021

Pantone 17-5104 Ultimate Grey, and Pantone 13-0647 Illuminating Yellow, are the colours of 2021. Both colours represent the dual combination of strength and hopefulness. A beautiful contrast that conveys enduring and uplifting tones that got us through the previous year. Very fitting and symbolic for a fresh start with your kitchen design and colour choices for spring 2021!

Fir Supergloss Dust Grey

grey kitchen

Our selection of replacement kitchen doors is available in many styles and grey hues to dedicate your new kitchen aesthetics to the ultimate grey 17-5104. The Fir Supergloss dust grey is an excellent choice for a sleek and stylish look. A suitable subdued tone of grey with a gloss finish.

Luc Handleless Matt Dus Grey Door

grey kitchen

If you fancy something more contemporary and minimalist, why not choose the Luc handleless matt anthracite door? The handleless feature is a high-end upgrade to revitalise your kitchen design for the new year. The dark grey tone is topped with a matte finish for a striking and clean look.

The ultimate grey and illuminating yellow are unique colours that showcase different elements combined with supporting each other. Stable and practical, but positive and warm simultaneously. When the two are combined, the feelings of happiness, fortitude and hope can illuminate the kitchen space.

By combing grey kitchen cupboard doors with yellow walls or accessories, you can create a fashionable kitchen space that will look great for years to come. Alternatively, if you prefer to reverse the colours, we offer a colour-matching service allowing you to match your door colours to codes from all major paint brands, including Dulux.

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