Zurfiz Ultragloss Metallic Blue

It is not a new fact that a dash of vibrant colour can completely transform a kitchen, but finding the right kitchen cabinet door colour for your personal style and interior decor can sometimes be a challenge.

Understanding that choosing a colour that suits you is vital, as colours affect your mood and depending on your colour, can also change the way your kitchen looks dramatically. 

It is important that the colour and style of your new coloured cabinets works well with your overall theme and the message you want to promote to others.

Contrast makes perfect:

Using a contrast of colour can really bring out your kitchen cabinets, making them eye-catching statement pieces. For instance, we have a wide range of colour choices to choose from but we find playing around with tones are key. 

If you have a light kitchen interior design that is airy and spacious, why not add some contrasting darkness by fitting our Shaker Lava set or Dust Grey for a flash of charm and sophistication?

Also, don’t be afraid of switching it up – A dark chic kitchen can work well with light tones such as our Handpainted Cambridge Ivory that can make a real impression to any kitchen environment.

Two-tone statement:

5-Piece Handpainted Shaker White

Two-tone cupboard doors have become increasingly popular within our households, with an interesting but non-intrusive colour variation – they provide a calm and inviting essence to your kitchen.

If you want to create a double-turn reaction, why not opt for more than one colour or shade? You will find that by doing this, you will be able to explore bold colour choices or maybe you would like to opt for two pastel shades that complement each other.

We love the combination of Shaker White with Shaker Denim, creating a classic look with a spark of modern charisma. 

Our bespoke service:

Here at Hot Doors, we believe in providing our customers with a choice of replacement kitchen doors, with a range of colour palettes to partner them.

With over 22 colours to choose from with our luxury handpainted range partnered with bespoke finishes to match – you can be assured that your kitchen will contribute to adding an engaging presence to your home for everyone to enjoy.

Looking for something different? Why not take a look at our other kitchen door choices that provide opulence and elegance, no matter what your style!

If you are no longer feeling your kitchen doors, then simply upcycle and replace them with us – no need to spend money on a brand new kitchen and with our highly competitive prices you can get a new look instantly for less!

Order online today or call us on 01279 883 099 for more help with choosing the best options for designing your dream kitchen.