Two-tone is a popular interior design trend for 2019, and one that can be easily carried off in the kitchen. Instead of a safe combination of classic colours, it relies upon stark contrasts in hues to create a visually effective colour scheme.

So how do you go about it?

Attract the eye

While you can implement your two-tone effect in a number of ways, focussing on a key area of the kitchen is always effective. If you have a kitchen island or breakfast bar, this is an ideal place to centre your more striking colours. Swapping the existing kitchen cupboard doors and drawer fronts for ones in an exciting and contrasting colour will really draw attention to your kitchen’s new aesthetic.

Keep your darkness grounded

A great way to incorporate two-tone visuals in your kitchen is by applying the darker colours to the lower cupboards and work units. By focussing darker shades here, the eyes are naturally drawn upwards towards the lighter colouring above, which gives the illusion of more space in your kitchen, as well as producing a stunning effect.

Bring it all together

Of course, there’s no reason to restrict your two-tone effect to kitchen cupboard doors and drawer fronts. Once half of your kitchen is in a complementary colour to the other, why not add little splashes of that same colour elsewhere? Having smaller appliances like kettles, toasters, and coffee makers match your contrast colour can really help tie the kitchen together in a cohesive whole.

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