With a little creativity, almost any size or shape of room can be used as a kitchen. Though images of a modern kitchen often conjure up ideas of large, open plan rooms with luxurious islands in the middle and workspace that goes on for miles, this is not always the reality. If you can’t, or don’t want to dedicate too much space to a kitchen, consider a one wall layout to maximise on what you have.

The basics of a one wall kitchen mean that all your appliances and cupboards are limited to a single wall. This style best lends itself to longer rooms, and can provide a modern alternative to a galley kitchen, in which two runs of units provide a central corridor to work in.


Oxford Painted Shaker Cashmere - Single Wall

Single wall kitchens can end up looking very heavy, as appliances, storage and sinks all jostle for space. A minimal theme helps to relax this effect and it can be achieved by opting for white or light coloured cupboard doors, with integrated handles such as the Lucente white gloss doors. Alternatively limit your cupboards to the bottom row, and use open shelving above your counter combined with hanging options.


Making a statement with your cupboard doors is another way to break up the space. Step outside a neutral pallet and wow with anthracite, baltic blue, or black in ultragloss. Or if you’ve got a colour you love, you can select our hand painted colour match option and bring it to life.

Split Texture

If you would like to keep a minimal effect, but worry that open shelving might not be right for you, mixing two different cupboard styles can be a way around this. Stick to a very simple white door for the top row of cabinets, then below counter choose a natural style design like Zurfiz Evora Stone Graphite or Valore Colo Bolo to create interest without being overpowering.

These are three popular approaches when it comes to a one wall kitchen, but whichever one you choose, your kitchen cupboard doors and drawer fronts will play a vital part in creating the space you want. Visit Hot Doors today to view our range of replacement kitchen unit doors which are compatible with units from all major UK suppliers.