When we talk about Georgian kitchen design, we’re not actually basing a modern kitchen on one from the Georgian era. Such kitchens would have been brick-lined basement rooms used by cooks, pantry staff, and other servants. Rather, a modern Georgian kitchen incorporates elements of design taken from the other (more public) rooms in classic Georgian houses.

We’re talking about grand proportions, plenty of space and light, and judicious use of symmetry. These traditional Georgian design features allow you to create a kitchen look that is as functional and practical as it is timeless.

Finishes and colours

Georgian design doesn’t lend itself to vibrant colours, focal points, and other dramatic forms of decoration. Generally you’re look at solid woodwork, either painted or with a veneer, in a matt finish. Neutral colours are best, such as the light sage colour of our Oakgrain Dakar shaker kitchen doors, which works well with lighter and darker shades providing gentle contrasts.

Proportion and symmetry

Symmetry is a key component of Georgian interior design. Using the oven or the sink as a focal point, you can built your kitchen units, cabinets, and shelves around it in an even pattern. You can use symmetrically-designed kitchen cupboard doors, such as our anthracite shaker doors to achieve this effect, with each door already boasting a perfectly proportioned front design.

Sinks and Taps

No Georgian kitchen is complete without a butler’s sink (also known as a Belfast sink). These deep, solid sinks are essential for any busy kitchen and are available in ceramic or natural stone. For the authentic Georgian look, however, a copper butler’s sink and matching taps will look great, whether you favour light or dark kitchen surfaces.

Handles and Knobs

Georgian handles and kitchen cupboard door knobs are likely to have been cast in metal, rather than made from wood. Our Oakgrain Shaker kitchen doors follow this example, with simple, yet effective metal knobs and handles. Unfussy in design, they look great against the wooden backdrop of our Shaker door collections.

However you choose to lay-out your Georgian-inspired kitchen, Hot Doors can help you get the features just right. We have a wide selection of kitchen cupboard doors and drawer fronts available for immediate purchase in our online store.