Coastal kitchens are a popular design trend that helps you bring the freshness of a summer’s day on the beach into your home. While this particular style used to be the preserve of beachfront properties and summer homes, now even the most urban of homeowners are enjoying added a touch of the sun, sea, and shoreline to their kitchens.

In this article, we provide you with a handful of useful hints and tips to transform your own kitchen.

Coastal colours

The colour palette for a coastal kitchen should reflect the natural hues of the shoreline. We’re talking blues, greens, whites, and yellows – bright and breezy colours that lighten up your kitchen. Just like in nature, there is an almost endless spectrum available, even within these base colours. Do you want the deep blue of a tropical ocean, the pale blue of a summer sky, or the muted sea-green of a Scandinavian fjord valley? With replacement kitchen doors you can mix and match to deliver an eclectic seaside feel.

Sun and Sea

To get the true coastal effect, don’t just look at the colours of the ocean and the sunlight – think about how they interact. Doors with a high gloss finish or an intense white paint-job can give the impression of the sun reflecting off the waves. Our Zur Ultragloss Metallic Blue range is great for this effect, as are our 5-Piece Handpainted Shaker Super White kitchen cupboard doors.

Natural materials

Val Driftwood

Coastal kitchen look better with wooden fixtures and fittings. Whether that’s genuine wood, replacement kitchen doors with a wood-effect vinyl wrap around an MDF core, it still looks just as good. Check out our Ashford Opengrain White kitchen cupboard doors for a perfect example of the latter. Another great look is a driftwood effect, such as you find with our aptly-named Val Driftwood Light Grey range.

Keep it Simple

Coastal kitchens don’t need a lot of extraneous ornamentation in their design. They are supposed to reflect the simplicity of a beachfront existence. Think about open shelves, utensils hanging from hooks over your kitchen island (another appropriate choice for a sea-themed kitchen!), and a minimalist aesthetic. Even your kitchen cabinets can play a role here. Our Oakgrain 5 Piece Shaker White range, for example, offers simple, pleasing lines that don’t distract from the rest of the kitchen.

If you fancy giving your kitchen a beachfront feel with a bold coastal kitchen design, then be sure to visit our online store. We have an extensive selection of replacement kitchen doors and drawer fronts available for immediate purchase.