L shaped kitchen designA popular design for the smaller kitchen, an L-shaped layout not only maximises available space, it also looks amazing. That said, it often requires a little extra thought at the planning and design stage to ensure that you make the most of the limited surface area. Here are some tips to make an L-shaped kitchen work for you.

Make the Most of the Space Available

The whole purpose of an L-shaped kitchen is to make the room itself appear larger than it actually is. By concentrating appliances and storage facilities to two sides of your kitchen you free up a large open space area that offers a host of possible uses. Why not extend the concept? Handleless kitchen doors are a cheap and efficient way to save inches of both sides of your L-shaped room, using a slim integrated groove for opening, rather than a bulky door handle or knob.

Open shelving

With an L-shaped kitchen, closed wall cupboards and cabinets can feel as though everything has been crammed into the two sides. Whilst taking up the same space, open shelving units on the walls make the whole kitchen seem much more open and inviting, and less cluttered. Adding hooks beneath for pans and utensils frees up worktop space, and helps maximise the size of your kitchen.

Colour and contrast

Don’t be afraid to experiment with colours and textures in your L-shaped kitchen. In a larger area, dark patterns and colours make the room feel warm. In a smaller kitchen, high gloss kitchen doors provide perfect accent points around the room. These draw the eye, leaving the open space of the rest of the kitchen in the peripheral vision, making the whole appear larger than it is.

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