Portland ivory shaker replacement kitchen doorsWe often put off updating our kitchen for a variety of reasons including lack of time or funds. There are plenty of ways, however, to quickly refresh a tired looking kitchen with minimum investment.

Paint swatchesA lick of paint

Perhaps the easiest way is simply to paint the walls, skirtings and mouldings in a new colour scheme. Whether you want bold accent walls or soft pastels for a soothing kitchen area, changing the décor refreshes the whole room from floor to ceiling.

New linens

Introducing fresh linen accessories can prove a simple way to refresh its current look. From tablecloths and chair covers, to good quality linen tea towels, artfully draped over your oven handles, they provide new accents to your kitchen. With a selection of colour schemes, you can even change them with the seasons, or as your mood dictates.

Firbeck supermatt white kitchen cupboard doorChange your fronts

Ripping out your existing kitchen units is a time-consuming and costly undertaking. The same effect can be achieved by replacing your kitchen cupboard doors and drawer fronts.

You can introduce an entirely new colour scheme, or alternate plain white with brightly-coloured accent doors at a fraction of the cost.

Update your furnishings

dining table and chairsIf you have a table and chairs in your kitchen, a simple way to add a spot of colour and interest is to replace your seat cushion covers with a new fabric that brings the kitchen alive. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, then it can be an engaging and worthwhile project. If not, most textile shops will have ready-made covers in a variety of sizes.

Kitchen lightsLight up your kitchen

Changing the lighting in the kitchen can do much to refresh its appearance.

Whether you swap lightbulbs for spotlights, or fluorescent lighting for covered sconces, the difference will be immediate and obvious.


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