Everyone has their preferences when it comes to decorating their kitchen and there’s plenty of choice at Hot Doors. You can look for different styles and different materials, and with our hand-painted kitchen door service, you can even consider a range of colours. Finding a kitchen door style to suit your personality and interior design aspirations has never been easier!

Today we look at the benefits and drawbacks of gloss cupboard doors when compared to their matt counterparts, to help you make the right decision for your home.

Gloss Cupboard Doors

Gloss kitchens dominate the showrooms, and ooze modern style. Gloss, especially in light colours such as these Firbeck supergloss doors in white, tend to reflect light and the simple, uniform appearance can make a small area appear more spacious.

Given the move towards combination spaces and apartment living in the last few years, it’s no wonder that gloss has become so popular.  They are often equipped with features such as integrated handles and soft close.

However they do have their drawbacks. While gloss kitchens are very easy to wipe down and don’t require any sort of intricate cleaning, the shiny surface shows marks up more easily, so you may find yourself cleaning them more often than you expected.

Matt Cupboard Doors

The matt look is more timeless and while gloss goes in and out of fashion depending on trends, matt is more stable in terms of popularity. It can also create an understated aesthetic for those seeking an alternative to the shiny finish of gloss. If your kitchen is quite spacious and lets in a lot of light, this can help to showcase these doors.

Cleaning is a big plus for matt cupboard doors, as matt finishes, especially those with an effect such as woodgrain or stone, won’t show up fingerprints or water marks in the same way that gloss would. This also gives a more natural finish which is often favoured in a traditional or character property.

Matt and Gloss are only the tip of the iceberg, and at Hot Doors we also offer traditional and woodgrain doors where you can find both gloss and matt options. If you favour one but worry you’ll tire of it after a few years, there’s no need to redo the entire kitchen, you can order our competitively priced doors to get a completely new look!

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