Have you been walking past your wardrobe and thought that it needed some more colour or the design doesn’t quite work with your decor anymore? 

Well, you aren’t the only one. 

Now in a more eco-friendly age, people are opting for environmentally friendly options and their wardrobe doors are no exception. 

When you replace your wardrobe doors, you aren’t just adding a brand new lease of life to your wardrobe framework – but saving money and time too. 

We are here to guide you on how you create a brand new look for your bedroom with innovative and stylish wardrobe doors – built to make an impact. 

An arrangement of style

Are your wardrobe doors looking a little worn down, the style doesn’t match the rest of your bedroom or you simply want a change? Then it sounds like you need to search for a new intriguing design. 

When you trust Hot Doors, you gain access to a whole range of wardrobe door designs. From traditional to contemporary, we can help you create the perfect setting for your bedroom. 

An exquisite palette of colour

What colour is your wardrobe framework? You have many options when it comes to replacing your existing wardrobe doors – but did you know you don’t have to choose the same colour as your framework? 

For instance, if your framework is a pale white, why not choose a wardrobe door style such as the Canterbury with a Matt Cashmere finish? Providing a two-tone light and confident look that would make anyone smile. 

Or maybe you have a dark-toned wardrobe and want to put some detail into your wardrobe doors for that extra chic and alluring effect? Then why not take a look at our Gothic wardrobe door line? With colour choices such as Burnt Oak and Opengrain Dark Grey – you could transform your wardrobe and make a real statement in any room.  

With over 25 finishes for all our wardrobe doors – you won’t have any trouble with choice! 

Three major reasons why you should replace your wardrobe doors: 

  • You save time – Replacing your wardrobe doors is such a quick and easy process, leaving past wardrobe hassles far behind you. 
  • Save money – Because you aren’t replacing your entire wardrobe, you are saving money. By simply replacing your doors (which go through the most wear) you will not only be able to give your wardrobe a new look, but also give it a new lease of life that will last you years to come. 
  • Hassle-free fittings – Fitting your brand new wardrobe doors will take less than 5 minutes, especially with our hinge drilling service when you choose your dream design. 

Where to find a supplier 

Here at Hot Doors, we believe in high-quality and stimulating designs, creating a whole new look for any wardrobe. 

If you found this blog interesting and want to know more information regarding wardrobe door designs, finishes or would like assistance in ordering, then contact our specialists today who will be more than happy to help you.