Your bedroom is a personal space, and we all want to customise and create an atmosphere that compliments our taste and values in design. Creative wardrobe design trends are becoming a thing. It’s all the rage when it comes down to bedroom aesthetics. 

Other than the need for space and storage, you may have caught some visual ideas on your social feed, whether it’s a well-crafted door handle that got your attention on Pinterest or a shabby chic colour scheme that you’ve spotted on Instagram. 

Maybe you’ve seen something at a friend’s home that inspired you. Whichever it is, that spark of inspiration will guide you during the decision-making process. If you want to take some inspiring ideas for your new wardrobe, then make sure to read on.

Modern Retro

Modern retro is a theme growing in popularity, an excellent fusion between the old and new. If you pair your wardrobe with the right kind of colour choice and features, you’ll end up being content and happy with the results. 

Hot Door Picks

We recommend the wave door handle with the antique copper colour for a smooth rustic finish. Combine the handle with the gothic style door to evoke a nostalgic and traditional aesthetic. This type of door works well with its wood effect texture, and with multiple colours to choose from, we suggest the matt graphite to finish off with contemporary colour.


When you think of the word bohemian, the design aspects relate to crafty colours, eccentric and artsy. It’s the combination of unique tones and patterns that will ultimately give character to your wardrobe visuals. 

Hot Door Picks

To complete your bohemian design, you can’t go wrong with the aldridge door. Featuring square panel designs and reminiscent of a shaker style, there’s plenty of wood effects and classic colours to match your liking. The matt indigo blue exudes artsy and unique tones, so why not pair it with the Bordeaux d handle or mottled knob to mimic an art nouveau style wardrobe? There’s no need to search for antique wardrobes when you can DIY them yourself at a low price.


If you embrace the modern movement of minimalism, then you favour simple decors and calming colour schemes. A minimalist design approach removes wild colours, knick-knacks and overwhelming visuals. 

Hot Door Picks

The absolute valore door is one of our customer favourites; the simplistic and clean design will fit any bedroom décor. Less is more, but that doesn’t mean you’re limited to one colour. To get a minimal look, opt for warm neutral tones like the alabaster matt or white matt. You can add a subtle door handle design like the alto thin handle to give a simple yet sleek touch to complete your minimalist wardrobe.

Here at Hot Doors, there’s no wardrobe design trends that you can’t replicate with our endless door handle ranges and plenty of wardrobe door selections to choose from. For further tips, advice or enquiries, call us today on 01279 883 099 and speak with one of our team members.