One of the most challenging tasks for small kitchen ideas and renovations is deciding how your new kitchen design will look. Whether it’s picking the best colour tone, material and features to go with your current kitchen design, we all want to make the best out of it. We have listed the best kitchen trends for 2021 to inspire you before tackling your kitchen remodelling projects for any of your renovation worries. 

While a few modern kitchen trends are mentioned, such as bold colour options and minimal undertones, we’ve also included traditional design approaches. Whether you’re looking for a cupboard that will accentuate a classic kitchen aesthetic, or you’re aiming for a decor that evokes a timeless atmosphere, we have you covered here at Hot Doors.

We have the best solutions and simple fixes, like picking a beautiful cupboard handle, as well as more drastic overhauls like completely replacing your kitchen doors for a new aesthetic. Read on below and check out these gorgeous ways to redo your kitchen space for much-needed design inspiration.

Keep it discreet and de-cluttered

Luc handleless in Cashmere

By storing your kitchen appliances like kettles, coffee machines and toasters in a discreet breakfast cupboard, you can keep your kitchen counters clutter-free and your whole kitchen spacious overall. This is a clever trick for making use of unused corners, making sure that none of your kitchen plugs and wires gets all tangled up and messy for all to see. 

There’s no better way to improve this than by opting for a sleek handleless kitchen door. It’s covert, subtle, yet very modern. For a clean and minimal finish, the Luc handleless match cashmere door is our top recommendation. The light tone effortlessly reflects natural light around the interior space and keeps your kitchen looking clean and classy throughout the day.

Matching wall colours with painted kitchen doors

Colour matching service - hand painted kitchen cupboard doors

Painting your cupboards with the same colours as your current wall design will make your small kitchen space look more spacious and create a seamless harmony. This method will work very well with monotone colours like grey or white colours schemes, giving off a light and clean atmosphere where the door units blend into the kitchen walls. 

With hot doors hand-painted range, offering 22 different colours choices, we won’t have a problem matching your current style and pairing it with the correct paint and design approach. The Cambridge 5-piece shaker style is a popular choice for this design idea with its timeless, classic style made from natural MDF wood. These hand-painted cabinet doors retain a soft and uniform finish.

Find a new home for your washing machine

Cambridge oak real wood kitchen cabinet doors

We all know that the kitchen is the most common area to store your washing machine, whether it’s right next to the sink cupboard or under the kitchen counter by the fridge. It’s a minor nit-pick, but it can mess with the kitchen’s general aesthetic, and some may even find it as an eyesore, especially when space is scarce in your kitchen.

So it’s worth treating yourself and investing in a traditional woodgrain cabinet door. It’s a very subtle upgrade to your small kitchen ideas, but the results can make your kitchen feel new and rejuvenated. Installing the Cambridge oak real wood cabinet door will add a natural design and character to the space whilst keeping your washing machine hidden in plain sight. Our wooden cabinet range is suited for modern and traditional designs, offering plenty of colour alternatives to suit your taste.

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