Valore Fjord Matt

Matt kitchen designs are perfect if you are looking to give your kitchen an upgraded aesthetic and stylish finish. The matt finish is sleek, minimal, covert and contemporary. Not only is it easy to clean, but it can effortlessly match with your current kitchen design and utilities to form a coherent and visually pleasing space.

Here at Hot Doors, we supply a wide selection of matt kitchen cupboard doors to get your kitchen renovation plans going. So how do you design the perfect matt kitchen? Below are some great pointers for those that want to opt for the matt kitchen look.

Coherent vs contrast designs

Fir Matt Cashmere

First of all, you may want to decide between a coherent matt effect across your kitchen doors and worktops, or a contrasting look for a symbiotic harmony between matt and gloss in your kitchen space. In general, both styles work well. A gloss worktop adds more illumination to the room, which makes your kitchen seem more spacious.

Matt elements on kitchen cupboards also reflect light more subtly. The material absorbs light more than reflecting it to retain its original base colour. So this is an excellent choice for kitchen owners that want a more refined and elegant look overall.

Light and dark colour schemes

Fir Matt Graphite

For a larger kitchen space, we highly recommend a darker matt hue to create a sophisticated look. Our Fir matt graphite and Zur supermatt black kitchen door colours are our top picks for customers that prefers a dark tone finish for their kitchen spaces. You can’t go wrong when experimenting with different tones of dark matt colours. Just add a different hue to your colour scheme to make your kitchen aesthetic feel unique and personal.

A light matt cupboard and drawers will make the kitchen feel spacious by allowing more natural light to bounce and reflect around the room. This would be ideal for smaller kitchens.

To give your kitchen a warm and inviting atmosphere, we recommend the Fir matt white or the Fir matt cashmere colour tones to go with your cupboards and drawers. These are great alternatives to gloss finish if you prefer the matt design.

At Hot Doors, we have many more matt colours and different styles of kitchen cupboard doors and units, perfect for your renovation plans. For further enquiries and advice, make sure to speak with one of our friendly team members on 01279 883 099.