As we prepare to embrace the coming year, it’s time to explore the exciting and innovative kitchen design trends that are set to take centre stage in 2024. From sleek and modern cupboard doors to cutting-edge island designs, this new year promises a fresh perspective on how we view and use our kitchens. As the heart of the home, the kitchen is constantly evolving, and 2024 is no exception. Get ready to be inspired as we look at the top trends shaping the way we think about kitchen design.

Eco-Friendly Kitchens

Eco-friendly kitchens

In 2024, the kitchen design industry is embracing a shift towards eco-friendly and sustainable practices, with natural materials taking centre stage. Biophilic design, which seeks to connect people with nature through the use of natural elements, is becoming a prominent trend. From sustainable wood cabinetry to reclaimed stone worktops and organic clay tiles, the emphasis is on creating a space that not only looks beautiful but also supports environmental responsibility.

The integration of biophilic elements has shown to have numerous benefits beyond aesthetics. Natural materials help improve air quality by reducing toxins in the home environment, while also fostering a sense of well-being and connection to nature. Not only that, but incorporating biophilic design in kitchens can inspire mindfulness around food consumption and wastage, leading to more conscious cooking and eating habits.

The fusion of cutting-edge innovation with timeless natural elements promises an exciting future for eco-friendly kitchens, where functionality meets sustainability seamlessly.

Integrated Smart Technology

Kitchen design is embracing integrated smart technology to not only enhance convenience but also contribute to eco-friendliness. Smart appliances and devices are becoming more streamlined and seamlessly integrated into the overall layout, allowing for efficient energy usage and reducing waste. From smart refrigerators that monitor food freshness and help minimise food wastage to advanced cooking appliances that optimise energy usage, homeowners can now have more control over their environmental impact without compromising on functionality.

The integration of smart and adaptive lighting systems is revolutionising energy consumption. These systems intelligently adjust brightness levels based on natural light availability, time of day, and specific tasks being performed. This not only helps reduce overall energy usage but also creates a more comfortable ambience while enhancing productivity in the kitchen space.

Kitchen Diner

Kitchen diners

A growing trend in kitchen design is the combination of kitchen and dining spaces to create a more family-friendly and communal atmosphere. This shift reflects an increasing desire for multifunctional spaces that cater to both cooking and dining needs while promoting social interaction. By integrating the kitchen and dining areas, families can enjoy more quality time together during meals and gatherings, fostering a sense of togetherness and connection.

One key feature of this trend is the rise of communal seating options within the kitchen area, which encourages casual dining experiences and facilitates easy conversation among family members and guests. Additionally, multifunctional islands are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a versatile space for food preparation, informal dining, and socialising activities. This innovative approach not only maximises efficiency but also promotes inclusivity by bringing people together around a shared culinary experience.

Decorative Range Hoods

Decorative range hoods

A notable trend in kitchen design is the surge of decorative range hoods. Homeowners and designers are embracing the idea that range hoods can be more than just functional appliances; they can also serve as striking focal points. From sleek stainless steel designs to elaborate custom-built options, decorative range hoods offer an opportunity to make a bold style statement while effectively ventilating cooking odours and smoke.

One of the intriguing aspects of this trend is its potential to elevate the overall aesthetic and ambiance of the kitchen space. Decorative range hoods provide an opportunity for personalisation, allowing homeowners to express their unique style through intricate designs, ornate detailing, or eye-catching materials. This trend emphasises the fusion of form and function, as these statement pieces not only add visual flair but also contribute to a healthier indoor environment by efficiently removing airborne pollutants during cooking.

Statement Surfaces

Statement back splash

One distinct trend that stands out is the focus on statement surfaces. Beyond the typical granite or laminate options, marble, quartz, and stone worktops are making a bold statement with their natural beauty and unique veining patterns. These materials not only offer durability and functionality but also contribute a luxurious aesthetic to any space. In addition to this, veined and solid surface back splashes are gaining popularity as they add depth, texture, and visual interest to otherwise plain walls. With new technology advancements in manufacturing these materials, homeowners have a wider range of options to choose from when it comes to creating stunning statement surfaces in their homes.

The appeal of utilising marble, quartz or stone for worktops lies not only in their aesthetics but also in their versatility. From sleek modern kitchens to rustic farmhouse-chic interiors, these surfaces can seamlessly integrate into various design schemes while elevating the overall look and feel of the space. By incorporating veined or solid surface back splashes that complement or contrast with the worktop material, designers and homeowners can create striking visual focal points within their spaces.

Retro Revival

The retro revival trend taps into the nostalgic charm of yesteryears, bringing back elements from mid-century modern and vintage eras. From bold colour palettes to funky patterns and retro appliances, this trend adds a playful and whimsical twist to the heart of the home.

Designers are finding innovative ways to blend retro elements with contemporary styles, creating dynamic and eclectic spaces that speak to individuality and personality. Whether it’s incorporating vintage-inspired lighting fixtures or embracing geometric tile patterns reminiscent of the 60s, the retro revival trend injects character and warmth into modern kitchens. It’s all about celebrating nostalgia while infusing a sense of fun and light-heartedness into the culinary space.

This trend offers homeowners an opportunity to express their love for bygone eras while still enjoying modern comforts and functionality. With thoughtful curation and careful balance between old-meets-new aesthetics, retro revival is inviting creativity and a sense of timelessness into our culinary sanctuaries.

Beverage Stations

Beverage station

2024 is witnessing a growing trend in kitchen design with the emergence of elaborate beverage stations. These custom-designed stations are no longer limited to just coffee, but now incorporate juice bars, smoothie corners, and even speciality drink areas. This trend is transforming kitchens into multifunctional spaces where homeowners can create and enjoy their favourite beverages without leaving their homes.

The popularity of these beverage stations stems from the increasing demand for personalised and convenient drink choices within the home environment. They bring an element of luxury and convenience to daily routines, allowing individuals to have easy access to high-quality beverages at any time. This trend reflects a shift towards wellness-centred living as homeowners seek out healthier drinks and alternatives to sugary sodas or pre-packaged options. It’s not just about creating a functional space, but also about promoting a lifestyle centred around mindful consumption and personal well-being.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet trends are evolving to embrace a mix of functionality and elegance. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets are stealing the spotlight, offering ample storage space while creating a seamless, streamlined look. This trend not only maximises storage but also adds a touch of sophistication and grandeur to the kitchen space, making it an ideal choice for homeowners who value both form and function.

Wooden kitchen cabinets

Another prevalent trend for 2024 is the rise of wood grain cabinetry, bringing warmth and natural texture into the heart of the home. The use of wood grain adds character and depth to kitchen cabinets, infusing spaces with an organic charm that resonates with nature-inspired design movements. Some popular choices for wood grain cupboard doors include Val warm walnut and Cambridge oak real wood doors. For something a little different, Val driftwood light grey doors add a seaside vibe, while Zur supermatt croma blue doors combine wood grain with one of the years on-trend colours.

In addition, matt and natural finishes are gaining popularity over glossy surfaces, providing a more subtle yet impactful aesthetic. This shift towards understated elegance speaks to a desire for tranquility and timelessness in kitchen design, marking a departure from more ostentatious styles of years past.

Kitchen designers are embracing the diversity of tones, textures, and finishes over the traditional uniform cabinet colours. This includes exploring bold combinations of wood grains, matte lacquers, and high-gloss finishes to add depth and visual interest. This trend heralds an era of individuality where homeowners are empowered to express their personality through their cabinetry choices.

Textured kitchen cabinets

Our range includes some great options for including different textures and finishes into your kitchen design including Val linear white doors, Val anthracite fabric metal doors, Val evora stone graphite doors, and Val anthracite fabric metal doors.

Colour blocking is also gaining momentum as a dynamic way to introduce vibrant pops of colour into kitchen designs while maintaining a balanced aesthetic. By strategically juxtaposing different shades and hues within the cabinetry, designers are creating visually striking focal points that enliven the overall ambiance of the room.

These emerging trends signify a departure from conventional norms in favour of more expressive and eclectic design approaches. With an emphasis on diversity in tones, textures, and finishes alongside innovative material blends and colour-blocking techniques, 2024 promises to be an exciting year for kitchen cabinet aesthetics.


Sage green kitchen doors

The kitchen colour palette is evolving to embrace a sense of calm and sophistication. Sage, emerald, and olive green are emerging as dominant choices, creating a serene and natural ambiance in modern kitchens. These shades bring a sense of freshness and tranquility, perfectly complementing minimalist designs or adding an earthy touch to contemporary spaces. Our Cambridge green painted wood doors, Cartmel fir green 5-piece shaker doors, and Zur supermatt sage green are excellent choices for achieving an on-trend aesthetic.

Terracotta, amber, and muted yellow are also gaining popularity for their warm and inviting feel. These earthy tones add depth and character, reflecting the growing trend of incorporating natural elements into home decor. Coupled with warm lighting or wood accents, these colors create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere that encourages relaxation while cooking or entertaining.

Midnight blue kitchen doors

Soft blues or midnight blues offer a versatile yet striking option for kitchen design. Whether used as an accent colour in cabinetry or as the main hue for walls or furniture, these shades evoke feelings of serenity and elegance. Their tranquil nature introduces a calming influence into bustling kitchens while maintaining an air of refinement that appeals to those seeking understated luxury in their culinary spaces. For a striking look, our Oakgrain 5 piece shaker navy blue doors add the bold and dramatic midnight blue aesthetic.

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