You might have heard a lot of recommendations about various kitchen appliances you might want to have in your home. In most cases, you simply won’t have enough space to fit in all the appliances you might like, let alone the budget, so it’s probably best to focus on the most practical and useful options.

Here we have a quick run-down of five fantastic appliances that will probably save you time and effort on a regular basis, so we think these are well worth investing in.

Stand MixerCoffee machine

If you’re a regular coffee drinker, there’s no substitute for a great all-in-one machine to take the hard work out of freshly brewed coffee. The premium options can automatically grind your fresh coffee beans and slowly brew your beverage overnight so it’s ready when you wake up.

Electric stand mixer

You can opt for a handheld mixer which is electrically-powered, but we would probably recommend a counter-top version which is usually called a stand mixer. This is extremely useful for anyone interested in baking, as mixing the ingredients together for almost any type of dough, batter or cream will be made much easier.

Electric blender

Very affordable blenders are now readily available in many supermarkets and shops, which may be more than enough if you simply want to make fruit smoothies, milkshakes and so on. However, if you choose a higher-end model you will probably get a much more powerful machine that can blend entire fruits, vegetables, ice cubes and more.

kitchen gadgetsToaster oven

If you find your oven gets pushed for space when you’re entertaining, or you’re actually wasting energy because you only cook for one or two people, you might be better off with a mini convection oven. They’re great for baking, they work fast and they fit neatly on a small counter.

Slow cooker

The best slow cookers will include a central stoneware bowl rather than a ceramic one, which is very hard-wearing and allows you to take it out to wash it or even use it on an outdoor grill. Overall, any quality slow cooker is a fantastic solution if you want to make a great stew or casserole with minimal effort and have it ready at a specified time.