Maximising space in a small kitchen can be a tricky proposition. However, with a little imagination and a sharp eye for detail, you can easily make the most of your limited kitchen space without breaking the bank.

Here are a few small kitchen design ideas to get you moving in the right direction.

Make use of the top of your cabinets

Do you have space between your cabinets and the kitchen ceiling? Then you’ve just given yourself extra storage space. Sure, you’re going to need a stepladder to reach them, but that’s hardly an insurmountable obstacle. Attractive wicker baskets can be added, with their own labels, making it easier to identify their contents from down below.

Have a throw out

A simple way to free up space is to throw away some items that are cluttering up your kitchen. If you strip down your kitchen stuff to the items you use on a regular basis, you’ll probably surprise yourself by how much space you’ve freed up.

Choose high gloss

small kitchen with wjite units

Our high-gloss kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts are a popular choice in many small kitchens. With their reflective, lacquered surfaces they create the same optical illusion as nested mirrors. Namely: they make any kitchen look that much bigger.

Keep the window clear

Whether your kitchen window is large or small, keeping it clear of obstruction will allow more light into the room, making it feel bigger. Plus, if you follow the high-gloss kitchen cabinet doors tip above, you’ll get a double impact, thanks to reflection.

Brighter is better

Bright kitchen

Bright colours make even the smallest kitchen look larger than it is. Whether you choose white walls and cabinets, or striking sunny colours, those bright hues can make all the difference.

However, you choose to maximise your small kitchen, you can find quality kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts in our online store, all of which benefit from speedy delivery across the UK.