Rothwell kitchenWhen it comes time to sell your home, you want to make a good first impression, and this applies to the kitchen as much as anywhere else in the house.

Here are six tips for sprucing up your kitchen prior to a viewing.

Be critical

We tend to love our kitchens, despite their flaws, so it’s important to look at them with a detached and critical eye. That hairline crack that you’ve learned to live with? That discoloured ceiling from years of family cooking? Now is the time to correct them.

Paint tins and brushesA lick of paint

The easiest way to give your kitchen fresh appeal is to repaint it. Not only does it look good, but the smell of fresh paint helps to eliminate any lingering odours that cling to a kitchen. Just remember to keep it neutral, and keep it clean.

Doors and handles

You may need to consider replacement cupboard doors, as these tend to suffer from wear and tear over the years. As they tend to match the rest of the kitchen, it’s easier to replace the doors and the kitchen door handles than it is to completely strip and rebuild the kitchen itself.

flowersLet there be light

Good lighting can work wonders in showing off a kitchen to its best advantage. As well as the standard central light, consider under cupboard lighting so the whole range of the kitchen work surface is illuminated.

Showroom standards

Before a viewing, make sure that your kitchen is spotless. Mop the floor and wipe down all surfaces to a gleaming shine. If you have a bowl full of dirty pans, get them washed, dried, and put away; same with a half-loaded dishwasher.

Freshen up

Fruit bowlA well-used kitchen creates smells. Be sure to empty the kitchen bin, and use a plug-in air freshener to disguise any lingering odours. If you have an open fruitbowl, make sure its contents are both fresh and fragrant.

There you have it. Six simple techniques to improve the appeal of your kitchen. For more information on replacement kitchen cupboard doors and handles, visit the Hot Doors online store for advice and to view our extensive range.