All-white kitchens have always been popular but, if you’re looking to spice it up a little, a splash of colour might be the very thing you need.

Here are a few ways to go about it.

A striking splashback

coloured-splashbackAn artistic, impressive splashback can be a sound investment and it becomes even more striking when laid against the kitchen’s plain white wall.

Coloured kitchen cupboard doors

anthracite cupboard doorsAn effective way to add colour to your kitchen is to replace the existing white cupboard doors with attractive coloured ones. At Hot Doors, we include the full range of Cambridge, Cartmel, Imola, and Lucente kitchen doors. All these doors come with a colour-matching service, meaning they can be tailored to the colours you have in mind.

Paint the ceiling

We often ignore the ‘fifth wall’ of any room. Painting the ceiling in a bold, bright colour not only brightens the room as a whole, it works in the same way as an accent wall, which might otherwise be impractical in the kitchen.

Colourful accessories and appliances

Kitchen coloured accentsKitchen accessories and appliances come in all shades these days, so there’s no need to limit yourself to white, black, or chrome. If changing the colour of your major appliances is outside your budget, or simply more of a change than you were planning, why not settle for a kettle, a toaster, or a coffee machine in a brighter hue, instead?

Fabric accents

A perfect way to add colour to the kitchen is to replace the existing white blinds or curtains with something more colourful. Whether single-hued or patterned, it lets you introduce a new shade without touching the work surfaces or cupboards. If you have chairs in your kitchen, you might consider investing in coloured cushions to add little islands of colour about the room.