2018 is here, which means it’s time to look at which design trends will be taking kitchens by storm this year. The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it’s important you create a space that is homely, nurturing and stylish. Below we’ve listed three of the key 2018 kitchen design trends that we think will thrive. It’s your chance to get ahead of the game.

Two-toned kitchens

Two tone kitchenThe two-toned kitchen trend has been increasing in popularity during 2017, so 2018 will see it soar. You can showcase the two-toned kitchen style by using your floors, kitchen cabinets, kitchen doors and walls to reflect two wonderful colour contrasts. Natural colours are expected to take a strong stand next year. Choose shades of clay, copper, ginger, and gold to create a warm and homely feel.

Contrasting trends

There are a range of interior style options for the kitchen, from traditional styled, vintage, classic and contemporary design elements. We are beginning to see dynamic mixtures of these styles and contrasting them against one another.

Contrasting kitchen - light and darkNowadays, you can achieve a rustic kitchen in a city-side apartment or a contemporary design in a traditional home. A classic way to achieve this is by using traditional woodgrain kitchen cupboard doors alongside high tech appliances and innovate lighting choices. Or bring a rustic charm to a contemporary space by contrasting black marble kitchen tops with warm oak surfaces. By combining different styles and finishes, glossy with matt, light with dark, cabinets with and without handles, you can create a unique and dynamic space.

Innovative lighting

Lighting has the ability to make or break a room. It is the tool used to create an atmosphere within a space. Depending on what style you’ve chosen for your kitchen design, you can find lighting fixtures that will help showcase that design perfectly. 2018 is going bring a variety of lighting shapes, from beautiful combinations of vintage and antique lighting in lamps and chandeliers to high tech LED lighting that’s modern and futuristic. What we are seeing in the lighting trends of 2018 is that you need to commit to a style of lighting. This will help bring consistency throughout the space and allow your kitchen design to shine through.

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