Vivo anthraciteThe new year often sees many of us wanting to update our kitchen design, but not all of us have the time, funds or energy to do a complete overhaul. Thankfully, instead of buying a whole new kitchen, you can create a brand new, updated look by simply adding new kitchen cupboard doors and drawer fronts. You could even opt for the on-trend mix and match style by replacing just the doors on the base or wall units in your kitchen.


The first question that many people ask when they decide to choose replacement cupboard doors is “Can I use them with another manufacturers units?” The answer is yes! Elements of your kitchen design often have many different manufacturers, and the great news is that when you choose cupboard doors and drawer fronts from Hot Doors, they are available in standard sizes to fit any conventionally sized framework by many of your favourite brands, including Wickes, Homebase, IKEA, Howdens, Benchmarx, B&Q and Magnet. This saves you the inconvenience of completely overhauling your kitchen just to update the doors.

Other great reasons to choose replacement kitchen doors

piggy bankNot only are replacement cupboard doors a great way to give your kitchen design a fresh look for 2018, they’re also a fantastically cost-effective option. January can often leave us strapped for extra cash due to the expense of Christmas, but this is an option that is affordable, easy and convenient.

Last, but not least, when you choose to replace your cupboard doors, you can create whichever kitchen design you wish. They can be as versatile as you need, from creating a retro 1950s’ style kitchen that oozes sophistication and style, to a more traditional styled kitchen that showcases a homely and modern atmosphere. You can even go that extra mile and style your cupboard door handles too.

If you’re interested in replacement kitchen cupboard doors, then why not browse our full range on our website. All our products can be conveniently purchased online today. Alternatively, you can give us a call if you would like further information about our products.