Kitchen ideas for your buy to let propertyIf you’re thinking of investing in a property to rent out, or you really need to replace the kitchen in your current buy-to-let property, there are some vital things you need to consider. It’s important to remember you’re trying to get the maximum possible value out of your kitchen, so these cost-effective tips should help you plan where to start with your renovation, whether it’s a major job or a quick refresh.

Firstly, it’s important to start with the basics. Your kitchen needs to be practical above all else, which means a suitable fridge and freezer are absolutely essential. You might need more than one of these if your property is going to be let out to more than a few tenants sharing one kitchen. Washing machines and ovens are also essential usually, and a microwave and dishwasher are good selling points. You’ll need to consider the space available as well as the wiring and plumbing when planning the arrangement of your units.

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If it’s necessary to replace the fittings in your kitchen to accommodate your white goods, like the cupboards and shelves, you still can keep it simple and cost-effective. Our ClicBox kitchen units are a great example, as they’re extremely easy to assemble in no time which makes them great value for money.

You can make the investment last longer by focusing on durability rather than completely basing your design around the finished look, which should always be a priority for buy-to-let homes.

This means you’ll be able to go longer before you have to replace the whole kitchen again, and a quality supplier like Hot Doors helps ensure your units will pass the test of time.

If you don’t need to take on a massive project and just want to smarten up the look of your kitchen for new tenants, you might want to replace your kitchen worktops with something that’s easy to maintain and keep clean. Old wood or laminate worktops can get damaged by water and other issues over time, so eventually you will find this change makes a big difference. If you need to change your worktop chances are you’ll have to update your splash-back too. When planning this it’s a good idea to stick to tiles as they’re very easy to keep clean, or if you’re more interested in a modern look you might consider coloured glass.

Another simple trick we highly recommend is of course our speciality high gloss kitchen cabinet doors – our doors start from less than £8 each and can completely update the look of your room. If you’re on a tight budget but need to fix broken handles before a new tenant moves in, you might want to look at replacement door handles for kitchen cupboards, which can change the style of your units for a tiny budget. If you’re looking for a bigger improvement, handleless kitchen doors are extremely easy to keep clean and they can make a kitchen look ultra stylish.