We all know what a fitted kitchen is, it being – by far – the most popular form of kitchen installation in the UK. They are usually comprised of floor-level storage space (often incorporating made-to-measure cupboard doors), topped by a work surface for preparing food and keeping day-to-day appliances, all of which is anchored directly to the wall. Above the kitchen top, you might find kitchen cabinets, shelves, or hooks for pans and utensils, depending on your preferred layout.

But what about unfitted kitchens? In this article, we’re going to take an in-depth look at this alternative kitchen design choice and see how it can make a difference to your home.

What is an unfitted kitchen?

As a term, “unfitted kitchen” is a bit confusing. It conjures up images of a bare room, with nothing in it, save perhaps for a fitted sink, cooker, and other major appliances. Of course, that’s not the case. Unfitted kitchens simply utilise free-standing kitchen units, rather than ones that are fitted to the wall. You get all the storage and preparation space that you would with a fitted kitchen, with the added advantage of being able to rearrange your layout, if needed, or to pull away from the wall to provide easy access for cleaning.

Partially-fitted kitchens

For those who like to combine the traditional fitted kitchen with unfitted kitchen elements, a partially-fitted kitchen is the way to go. You can have one or two walls featuring your fitted cabinets and worktops (perhaps the walls that include your cooker and sink), leaving the rest of the kitchen free for unfitted units.

This is a popular choice for rustic kitchens, pairing free-standing kitchen furniture like antique dressers and islands with fitted elements such as butlers sinks and an aga. Finishing your fixed units with traditional and woodgrain kitchen doors ties the look together creating a modern country kitchen aesthetic.

Alternatively, mixing bluegreen or black kitchen doors on your fitted units with natural materials like wood and stone on your unfitted kitchen furniture can help deliver a thoroughly modern look.

Fully unfitted kitchens

Having all of your kitchen units unfitted is a daring, but attractive approach to creating a modern kitchen aesthetic. Our ClicBox range of free-standing kitchen units offers a wide variety of sizes and styles, allowing you complete freedom in laying out your new kitchen. You’re no longer limited to the kitchen walls, meaning you can set up as much extra storage as you need. Best of all, these units are not restricted solely for kitchen use. They make a great addition to you pantry, giving you a more organised method of storing non-perishable goods. Since they can be rearranged as needed, you can bring in additional storage for those times of the year when your kitchen sees a lot of action, such as Christmas or family reunions.

However you choose to set up your kitchen, whether fitted, unfitted, or a combination of the two, Hot Doors UK has you covered. Our extensive selection of made to measure cupboard doors and drawer fronts are available for immediate purchase from our online store and benefits from fast delivery time across the UK.