Choosing the ideal fitted kitchen for your home is never an easy job. Whether looking to install an entirely new kitchen or simply refresh things with replacement kitchen doors, plinths & handles, it’s a long-term investment in your home’s comfort, practicality and indeed value. Now more than ever, the kitchen is becoming the heart of the home for so many households and is no longer seen as simply a functional living space.

But even today with so many incredible designs to choose from, one of the most universally popular on a global basis remains the traditional shaker kitchen.

What is a shaker kitchen?

Shaker style kitchensAs for what the term refers to, the shaker-style kitchen dates back to the 18th century, when a religious movement of the same name earned a reputation for its incredible craftsmanship and superior quality work. Hundreds of important style and fashion movements may have followed, but none have been able to knock the shaker-style kitchen from its pedestal along the way.

Shaker kitchens are characterised by an overall approach to design that is simple, practical and extremely durable. Wooden worktops and traditional cupboard doors are staple elements in the classic shaker kitchen, along with convenient peg rails and an ever-increasingly array of intelligent storage solutions.

Why Such Popularity?

Replacement kitchen cupboard doorsIn terms of what it is that makes the shaker kitchen so popular, the primary benefit is true timelessness. As a shaker kitchen perfectly blends traditional and contemporary elements, it’s a universally compatible kitchen style that can suit almost any type of home. Choose hand-painted shaker kitchen units and it’s perfectly possible to have the whole thing crafted from the ground up to suit your home’s interior décor flawlessly.

Not only this, but the durability and practicality of a shaker kitchen are simply unrivalled. This in turn guarantees long-term performance and enjoyment, not to mention an additional point of appeal in terms of your home’s re-sale value.

A traditional shaker kitchen is wonderfully simple to enhance with a modern twist. Simply by opting for chrome kitchen accessories or high-gloss units, the whole room immediately takes on an undeniably fresh, vibrant and modern vibe. And of course, if it’s a purely traditional kitchen you’re after, the beautiful wood or wood-effect finish of a shaker kitchen naturally ticks all the right boxes.

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