Looking for some quick design inspiration? Whether you’re just re-modelling your home or trying to build a new one, it helps to have a vision. Investing in kitchen renovation can be quite costly, so make sure you’re getting timeless pieces by keeping yourself up-to-date with latest design trends in the UK.

The New Kitchen

Updating your kitchenWhere there is food, there is a crowd. Kitchens have evolved from just being a plain preparation room to a place where guests gather. Many have already tried to add their dining table and entertainment room into one cool open floor plan.

Others purchased replacement kitchen doors that look more like fine furniture, while some have decided to retain their traditional kitchen doors maintaining a balance between modern and classic.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to your preference. Check out the latest pieces below to see which trend will make your cut.

Stick with White!

Nothing beats the classic white kitchen cupboard doors. It’s one thing to be stylish, but it takes a lot more effort to be clean. Sticking with the classics is also a good design rule as it goes with any theme – urban, vintage, contemporary (and yes, even those pop rock ones!). If you don’t want your cooking area to look like a hospital, then simply choose furniture pieces like your cabinets to be the white canvas or your soon-to-be colorful kitchen masterpiece. Believe us, white will give you unlimited options when it comes to choosing your colour palette.

Optimal Storage

If you want an open floor plan, then space is a MUST. Instead of stacking up your tools and equipment on your table, why not maximize your furniture by installing lower drawers. To avoid making it look bulky, choose handleless kitchen doors that will keep the simplicity of your furniture intact.

Reclaimed Wood

Basically re-purposed wood, this trend is one of those “Wow, it’s still in” type. We see this trend most common in kitchen cabinets, although some have created some marvelous architectural designs out of it. Wood-themes are the hands down when it comes to vintage classic. You have a lot of varieties to choose from, as well as different wood options – Maple, Oak, Cherry.

A Dash Of Colour

Give your kitchen some life by adding aBurgundy kitchen cupboard doors “pop” of colour into your appliances. Allow it to contrast with the dominant color of the room. Not only does it look unique, but it also adds a bit of personality into your everyday kitchen area. This one’s a good idea for those trying to remodel with a tight budget.

So, which one will you try? Why not to check or kitchen ranges and replacement kitchen doors to transform your tired kitchen and to give it the wow factor.