As we head into the summer months, there’s no better time to give your kitchen a makeover. With the weather heating up, it’s worth taking a look at some of the hottest kitchen trends.

Decorative worktops

With a number of materials seeing recent surges in popularity, we foresee 2020 being the year of decorative worktops. Porcelain, marble, stone, and terrazzo worktops are all very much in favour and this trend looks set to continue.

Blue kitchen cabinets

Blue seems to be the colour of choice this year when it comes to kitchen cabinets. We see a lot of customers choosing from a range of shades we have in store. From bright and breezy Baltic blues, to a more rustic azure finish, or a moody indigo blue you’re sure to find something in our online store that fits the bill.

Accent ceilings

Mouldings, coffers, and alcoves all add a new dimension to an otherwise overlooked part of your kitchen – the ceiling. You can use an accent ceiling to incorporate pan and utensil hooks, inset lighting, and so much more.

Subway tiles

Subway tiles are a cost-effective way to create a backsplash behind your cooker. With so many options available in terms of colour and size, you can create a look unique to your kitchen.

LED lighting

Aside from being more energy efficient, LED lighting is consistently brighter than regular bulbs. This makes them a great asset to any kitchen, as well looking fantastic. Combine with an accent ceiling for a truly impressive effect.

Monochrome kitchens

Not so much a new trend as a timeless one. Kitchens arranged in white and black have always been popular and remain so in 2020. There are some subtle changes, of course. Instead of jet black, people are choosing a more muted shade, like anthracite or graphite.

Concealed storage

Making the most of your kitchen is all about maximising space, and concealed storage solutions certainly help you do that. A great way to declutter your kitchen, you can find a range of concealed storage options in our online store.

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