Although timeless kitchen trends like traditional farmhouse or minimalist contemporary décor will never go out of style, there are many new kitchen trends emerging in 2021 that will provide you with exciting alternatives for your kitchen design. 

Whether it’s a rise in trend of a particular colour, cupboard design, theme, or material selection, there are many affordable options to personalise your kitchen whilst incorporating the latest looks. We’ve chosen the best Autumn/Winter 2021 kitchen trends to inspire you.

Green Cabinets

Green kitchens

Dark, bold colours have grown in popularity over the last few years and the latest colour to rule in interior design is green. Green is an earthy, warm tone, and opting to include it in your kitchen design will create a luxurious yet dramatic statement look. Pair green cupboard doors with natural wood flooring, soft metallic elements, and light walls and worktops for a balanced look .

Get the look: Zur Supermatt Serica Kombu Green

Two-Toned Kitchens:

Two-toned kitchen

If you’re not a big fan of singular matching colour tones, opting for a blended two-toned kitchen is the right way to go. Combining two contrasting or complimentary colours is a unique approach to add diversity throughout your kitchen design. We recommend combining light and dark kitchen cupboard doors for added depth as well as an interesting focal point.

Get the look: Oxford Painted Shaker Light Grey / Indigo Blue

Festive Red:

Red kitchens

Red is a bold, daring, and elegant colour that is currently trending in kitchen design. There are plenty of tones and shades to experiment with to give your kitchen interior a refreshing look without being overwhelming. For a subdued and contemporary look, pair red kitchen cupboard doors with light neutral tones to evoke a festive and modern feel to your kitchen space.

Get the look: Zur-Supermatt Serica Plum

Textured Cupboards, Worktops, Splashbacks:

Textured kitchen cupboard doors - concrete

Incorporating textured elements into your kitchen design will create an eye-catching look. Using natural looking materials such as marble, concrete, wood, and stone in your worktops, splashbacks, cupboard doors, and accessories will allow you to create a truly unique look.

Get the look: Venice London Concrete

Minimalist Kitchen Designs:

White minimalist kitchen

Modern and minimal kitchen designs have been trending for many years, and there’s no sign of it stopping any time soon. It’s a practical look that provides a calming and spacious looking environment for cooking and dining, and evokes cleanliness and sophistication. To achieve a minimalist look, opt for light colours and choose handleless cupboard doors for clean edges and sleek lines.

Get the look: Handleless J-Profile Gloss White Door

Brass Accents: 

Antique brass cupboard door handle

The vintage aesthetic has been favoured by many kitchen designers for a very long time now, and there’s no better way to accentuate this look than by adding brass accents to your kitchen components like the cupboard door handles. The warm tones of brass look stunning against the modern backdrop of bold colours such as green, blue, red, and anthracite.

Get the look: Mottled D Handle in Antique Brass

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