Over recent years, the farmhouse kitchen style has seen a drop in popularity, with many people opting for a more practical kitchen environment, while seeking to delineate the cooking area from the rest of the home. However, as with so many aesthetic choices, these things tend to be cyclical in nature. People are, once again, looking to rekindle the warm and welcoming nature of their home kitchens. While the old-style rustic farmhouse kitchen might not be ready for a full comeback, there are plenty of ways to incorporate modern elements into your kitchen that reflect the overall feel of a traditional farmhouse style, while remaining totally contemporary.

Natural Woods

Natural materials, especially wood, are one of this years major design trends which fits perfectly with the natural charm of a farmhouse kitchen. Wooden kitchen cupboard doors such as our Tullymore Halifax range in natural oak create a pleasing old-school style. Combine with marble or granite work surfaces to produce a pleasing mix of rustic and modern.

Hand Painted Kitchens & Cabinet Doors

Some people want to distinguish their up-to-date farmhouse-style kitchen from the more traditional aesthetic by adding a splash of colour to key focal areas. Hand-painted kitchen cupboard doors are one of the best ways to do so. They help you stamp your personality on the kitchen, while retaining the rustic flavour of a vintage kitchen. Our Cambridge hardwood doors are available in a host of different colours to suit your preference. We also offer a colour-matching service where we can hand paint the doors to any colour offered by major paint brands including Dulux.


Oxford Painted Shaker White

Incorporating this years must have colours into your interior design is a great way to bring the farmhouse kitchen bang up to date.

If you are looking for a clean aesthetic that works well with a variety of textures and colours, you can’t go wrong with classic white. At Hot Doors, we stock a variety of shades, so you don’t have to opt for a sterile looking kitchen, you can choose a warmer tone instead. Our range includes Cartmel White 5-Piece Shaker which features a subtle raised woodgrain finish, Oxford Painted Shaker White with a smooth, matt painted finish, and Tullymore Opengrain White that has a more visible woodgrain design.

Other colour options for 2023 include earthy tones along with shades of blue and green. Make a statement with dark and moody colours such as Zur Supermatt Serica Kombu GreenLuc Handleless Matt Fir Green, and Zur Ultragloss Baltic Blue or create a calming space with softer colours such as Val Fjord Matt and Zur Ultragloss Metallic Blue. For an earthy tone that works well with marble, wood, slate and many other natural materials, Zur Supermatt Serica Pebble is an excellent choice.

Finally, a colour that has been gaining popularity over the last couple of years in kitchen design is blush pink. Following on from the trend for earth tones, blush pink brings a spring floral vibe to the overall design and works perfectly with rose gold and brass metal accents. Complete your blush pink farmhouse kitchen with our Warwick Matt Blush Pink doors that feature a traditional shaker style design. 

Metals & Mirrors

Both of these elements can make your modern farmhouse kitchen pop in a way that older examples just didn’t. You can incorporate metal edging and accessories to most of your work surfaces and your kitchen island, or you can keep the worktop clear and use metallic appliances to achieve the same effect. Whether brushed chrome, gleaming copper, or cast iron, metallic elements really pull a kitchen together. The same is true of mirrored splashbacks, which don’t just provide protection to your walls, they look impressive and make your kitchen appear bigger and better lit.

Statement Lighting

Good lighting is, of course, essential anywhere that food is being prepared. Just because it serves a practical function doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it. A row of directional lights is not only pleasing to the eye, it lets you focus on key areas of the kitchen at any given time – great if you’re preparing an intimate dinner to be served in the kitchen itself. If you have a tall ceiling, why not install a chandelier for the ultimate in statement lighting? Alternatively, attach multiple LED lights around a suspended pot rack to achieve optimal coverage for the room.

Cellars and Pantries

This years design trends include a host of storage solutions that give traditional farmhouse kitchens a modern twist. From moving your wine cellar into glass fronted chillers that add a focal point in the room and incorporating wine racks into your units, to incorporating pantries and larders into existing kitchen cupboards so you can keep all the essentials to hand, there are a lot of options available. Our range includes pull out tall larders and pantries that allow you to include the functionality whilst maintaining a clean aesthetic.  

For all of the items detailed here, and so much more, visit our online store today. All our made to measure cupboard doors are of the highest quality and benefit from fast delivery times across the UK.