Creating an original and modern look for your country kitchen needn’t be the challenge it first appears. Recent trends favour a pared-down look, relying on basic features and strong accent colours to produce a stunning and fashionable effect.

Here are some of our top tips for designing your modern country kitchen:

Fifty shades of grey

Windsor dust gret kitchenSpecifically, dark grey. Yes, charcoal hues and off-black shades are the very thing to create a kitchen with stunning visual impact. By keeping a pale, neutral tone for the ceiling and walls, all your surfaces will stand out. Matt finishes are ideal, as you don’t want too much of a shine, but a more muted effect when the sun breaks through the kitchen window. If a true charcoal isn’t to your taste, why not consider graphite or anthracite as a more appealing alternative?

The bright side of life

Windsor ivory country kitchenPerhaps you feel that charcoal effects are too gloomy for your home, or think that they will make a small country kitchen feel smaller still. That’s okay: just as they have been part of the fashion world this season, bright colours are seeing a surge of popularity in our homes and kitchens. The key is to keep your work surfaces somewhat neutral and reserve your brighter highlights for lower down. Our range of Colo Bolo Valore and Windsor Ivory kitchen doors provide understated accent points of brilliant colour. Best of all, we provide a colour-matching service if the precise shade you’re looking for isn’t in stock.

Au naturel

Bella Cambridge oak country kitchenOf course, nothing says “country kitchen” quite like the rustic look. We’re talking natural wood effects that really speak of rural living. Whether you favour pine, oak, or beech effect for your kitchen doors and drawer fronts, there’s no denying they produce a thoroughly modern kitchen, with a pleasingly traditional look.

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