Using mixed materials when designing your kitchen is not a new concept, but the trend is currently gaining momentum in homes across the UK. Of course, it’s not hard to see why. We already mix and match colours and tones to create exciting visual effects in our kitchens – why should materials be any different. The contrast of looks and textures can really add character to any kitchen, giving you the opportunity to stamp your own personality on the room.

In this article, we look at some simple ways to incorporate mixed materials into your kitchen design:

Nice and Shiny

Shiny metal surfaces are a great way to bring interesting light effects into your kitchen. Whether you favour bright and dazzling chrome or rich and warming bronzes, you can mix them in with a variety of stone, wood, or marble surfaces to achieve some stunning results. It doesn’t even need to be real metal. Our Zur Ultragloss Copperleaf made-to-measure cupboard doors have that same warm metal feel thanks to their glossy acrylic finish, making them a good, cost-effective alternative.

Modern and Traditional

Lucente grey high gloss kitchen cupboard doors

Metal surfaces also work well with more traditional materials like wooden kitchen doors. You can combine stainless steel worktops and splashbacks with wooden breakfast bars and stone floors for a contemporary look that pairs well with minimalistic doors like Luc Handleless Gloss Grey. This combination of materials creates a bright, clean finish to your kitchen but you may find it works even better with the more rustic aesthetic of our York Halifax Natural Oak range.

Mirroring Nature

Natural stone and wood are the perfect combination for a an environmentally friendly kitchen. Woodgrain effects on your replacement kitchen doors work well with dark grey or black marble worktops and slate floors. Our Oakgrain 5 Piece Shaker Dakar is prime example of how these different tones and textures complement one another.

Marble and Quartz

While natural stone is all well and good, decorative stone work surfaces, such as marble and quartz can transform your humble kitchen into something truly special. Fitting quartz or marble doors to your kitchen units is impractical, both in terms of cost and weight, so mixing and matching materials is essential here. Newmarket Light Grey doors work well with light quartz and marble as well as this seasons must-have wooden flooring. Alternatively, the simple Oxford Painted Shaker White doors can offer a marked contrast when combined with warm, natural wood, dark marble, and ceramic accents.

However you choose to incorporate mixed materials into your kitchen, Hot Doors is here to help. Find the very best in kitchen door replacements and made-to-measure cupboard doors in our online store, all available with fast delivery across the UK.