It’s still not too late to find new ideas to complete your Christmas shopping list, and kitchen gadgets are often a great idea for someone who seems to have it all. You can never have too many tools to help you experiment in the kitchen if you’re into cooking. Here are just a new of our favourite ideas.

BlendersHigh-end blenders

There are no limits to what you can do in the kitchen with a powerful blender at your disposal. With the best models from some of the leading premium brands, you’ll get a sleek machine that looks great in a modern designer kitchen and can easily smash up ice, fruit, vegetables and many solid ingredients to produce smoothies, sauces and much more.

Guilt-free fryers

One of the most popular new products to hit the market in the last few years is the air fryer. With just a fraction of the amount of oil you’d normally need to fry chips, onion rings, chicken, fish and other delicious treats, you can quickly easily get very impressive results with this healthy alternative.

Personalised utensilsPersonalised utensils

We’ve all seen enough personalised glassware and mugs to last a lifetime by now, but you may like the idea of taking a new approach when it comes to kitchen utensils. This works best with high quality metal equipment which you can have someone’s name or a personal message engraved onto. Our favourite idea is an ice cream scoop!

Mini worktop oven

This is a fantastic idea for anyone who loves convenient cooking. Even if you have a fully working oven, it’s inevitable that you simply won’t have enough room to cook everything you need sometimes (you might notice this over Christmas especially).

Coffee machinesMoreover, heating up a large oven every time you need to cook a small meal can waste a lot of energy. You might be surprised at how effective a miniature oven that sits on your kitchen counter can be!

The ultimate coffee machine

The market for coffee makers has become a little confusing, so we’re now seeing only the best machines rise to the top. We recommend taking a look around to find the most popular models, factoring in the speed and ease of use, the availability of refills or pods, and of course the taste of the coffee.