With a new year hovering over the horizon, there’s no better time to give your kitchen a facelift. Like any kind of redecoration or refurbishment, there are trends and fashions in kitchen design. Here are some of the hot new trends you can expect to see in kitchens as we head into 2022.

Bold, Dark Kitchen Unit Colours

Accent colours in the kitchen are nothing new, but the latest trend is to use darker tones as the focal point, rather than bright colours. Dark, bold hues like indigo blue, kombu green, and plum add warmth and style to any kitchen.

Herringbone Floors

Another upcoming design trend – not just in kitchens, but in all aspects of interior design – is herringbone floors. This stylish and sophisticated pattern adds texture to any kitchen layout, and is an effective way to spice up your kitchen while leaving your units and appliances intact.

Marble Surfaces and Splashbacks

Natural stone worktops, splashbacks, and units have always been popular in contemporary kitchens, with granite being a firm favourite. For 2022, marble seems likely to overtake, producing an attractive aesthetic that can be accented by the right lighting arrangement. Of course, you’re not limited to just the surfaces. Marble effect doors create the same effect across your kitchen units.

Wooden Kitchens

Wood is another popular material for a modern kitchen in 2022, giving the room a traditional feel in a contemporary setting. Whether you favour a natural oak look or something slightly jazzier like driftwood grey, wood tones help you make your kitchen something special.

Metallic Finishes

Gleaming metal surfaces on cupboard doors and drawer fronts is a kitchen design trend to keep an eye on in 2022. It gives a stark, professional feel to any kitchen, contrasting strongly with more popular wooden and stone materials. You can achieve this metallic effect with textured replacement doors in every style from steel and titanium to brushed steel and more.

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