The kitchen has always been the centre of a home. It’s a place where families and friends gather for more than just preparing and sharing a meal. The kitchen serves as a place for social gatherings between friends and family and is a foundation where memories are built. The design and layout of your kitchen is an important factor in modern family dynamics and is a crucial selling point for anyone selling a home.

Kitchen design trends have changed quite a bit in the past 50 years, but the need for a functional and beautiful kitchen will always be one of the most important desires for homeowners and homebuyers. Keeping your kitchen modern, practical, and stylish will often require a renovation or remodel every so often so your kitchen doesn’t become outdated. If you’ve been considering a kitchen remodel or renovation, then here are a prediction of the top kitchen design trends for 2021.

Clever and Compact

If you don’t have a lot of space for a large open kitchen, then you have to get smart with your kitchen layout and design. For smaller kitchens, look for design trends in 2021 to include banks of kitchen cupboards for lots of storage space and kitchen cupboard doors in rich dark browns, black, and white colours leading the trend. Some smaller kitchens will still include the ever so popular and convenient kitchen island and kitchen bar on a smaller scale.

Islands and Kitchen Bars

In 2021, expect to see open kitchen designs with islands and kitchen bars. The modern kitchen of 2021 will feature granite and marble islands and countertops with built-in cookers and sinks and lots of stone tile. Copper, bronze, stainless steel, and fine wood will be some of the exciting combinations in kitchen designs for 2021. Bold and innovative colours and materials create seamless integration with living and dining areas for open kitchen layouts

More Storage No Handles

Another trend for 2021 kitchen designs will include cupboards and kitchen drawers without handles. Designs featuring strong, bold lines and angles are enhanced by handleless kitchen doors and drawers. Bold, dark colours in the kitchen combined with granite or other high-quality stone countertops make an inviting and robust statement for modern kitchen design. As more families return to home cooking and entertaining, kitchens in 2021 will also feature more cupboards for additional space and storage.

If your kitchen is a bit lacklustre and you’re considering a redesign, then check out our large variety of cupboard doors and kitchen units available at Hot Doors UK. For advice and assistance, call our friendly team on 01279 883 099.