As kitchens have become the central point of the modern home, so kitchen design has evolved to reflect the new multi-purpose nature of this constantly changing area. More than any other area of the house, kitchens are a space ripe for experimentation and this is the theme of the main trends we will see in 2019.

While 2018 was dominated by minimalism, bold colours and sleek designs, 2019 will move away from this and embrace the full potential offered by the modern kitchen. As the smart revolution becomes more widespread and kitchen work begins to reduce, this will provide more freedom to explore creative concepts.


Statement lightingFor many years, spotlights have been the go-to for kitchen lights but as more and more kitchens are extended or allowed more room in newly built properties, lighting will be brought back in as a feature. Hanging lights at different lengths with statement fittings, unique lampshades and designer light bulbs will all be more popular and can be played with to create different kinds of atmospheres in the kitchen. Though lighting is just one aspect of design, it has the power to affect an entire room, so if there’s one feature that will take centre stage in 2019, it will be this.

Kitchen Cupboard Doors

Zurfiz ultragloss baltic blueChanging cupboard doors and handles has always been a cost-effective way to update a kitchen and in 2019 designers will be getting playful with colour. Bold and bright shades like blue, pink and yellow will all become more common and kitchens will overall become brighter.

Hot Doors offer a custom door painting service, so you can experiment with any colour that you like. To keep your look simpler but still embrace the 2019 trends, mix materials like glossed over woods such as Japanese Pear or Noce Marino, or natural finishes such as Concrete or the fabulous graphite effect of Zurfiz Oriental Black.

Cupboard Handles

copper coloured cupboard door handleIn keeping with the sleek look of 2018, cupboards doors without handles, controlled by pressure or otherwise hidden handles, have been the most popular. As we move into 2019, designers will be looking for more personality in the kitchen and to add features in unexpected places.

For handles, consider metals like chrome, brass and copper will be popular but rather than standard geometric models, asymmetrical shapes will also be an option to give a futuristic look. For those that are even more daring, ring handles and leather strips will be options.

Statement Furniture

table and chairsReflecting the move away from separate kitchen and living areas and the increased space that open-plan living provides, furniture in the kitchen will provide more of a stylistic opportunity than in previous years. Rather than minimalistic, generic tables and chairs; quirky, mismatched furniture will be in vogue, drawing on the quirky coffee house charm that has become a cultural staple. In addition, ornaments, sculptures, rugs and even artwork will gain a place in the kitchen and allow more personalisation and interest.

The key theme to remember when looking at designing a kitchen for 2019 is to be brave and willing to experiment. Colours and materials that may at first seem incongruous will be key to next year’s trends.