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During the COVID pandemic and announcement of lockdown regulations, many of us were encouraged to work from home. In April 2020, national statistics revealed that more than 40% of employees worked from home to abide by social distancing measures but how many of us were prepared and had a spare room that could allow us to adapt to this new norm? 

Many remote workers have adapted their kitchen table as their new home office area for this case. Here at Hot Doors, we can help you design a dedicated home office space that fits seamlessly into your kitchen aesthetic. Below are a few design ideas that you could include in your new kitchen office area.

Folding tables

Working on a folding table enables you to have two separate tables, one for dining and one for working. When it’s time to work, you simply need to erect the folding table, and when you’re finished for the day, you can collapse it again and hide your desk away in a few seconds. All evidence of work equipment and supplies are out of sight so that you can relax for the rest of the night.

Utilising unused areas and natural lighting

Natural lighting

As well as using your kitchen table, you can create your work set-up in unused corners or zones that are often neglected, whether it’s the extra walkway space or efficiently utilising the large kitchen island worktop. Consider positioning your work area close to the window so that natural light can help illuminate your work desk during the day. If your daylight source is limited, it’s worth installing artificial lighting like integrated LED lights or lamps. This can come in very handy during the winter season when natural daylight is scarce. 

Keep it hidden in cupboards

Another trend for kitchen office spaces is dedicating drawers and kitchen cabinets to your work appliances. Reorganising your kitchen storage is the best solution to make way for office equipment. It only has to be a slight modification such as dedicating an entire cabinet unit for items like your laptop, documents, and stationery. Investing in storage boxes is a great way to keep your work items together, allowing you to easily transport them to your storage area at the end of the day. If you choose plastic storage boxes with a lid, it will help to protect your electricals and paper documents from the humidity that builds up in a kitchen whilst cooking. 

Give your kitchen a fab makeover!

Kitchen makeover

If you’re spending the whole day working in your kitchen, it’s worth considering giving it a makeover. Updating your kitchen design with a fresh new look doesn’t have to cost a fortune; you can opt for a new coat of paint on the walls, replacement kitchen cupboard doors and drawer fronts, new lighting, and accessories.   

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If you’re thinking of integrating your home office space into your kitchen design, you can find a wide selection of kitchen doors in plenty of colours and finished in our online store. If you require any assistance or have any questions about our products, make sure to call us today on 01279 883 099.