When we think about traditional kitchen design, we often think in terms of bright colours – white tiles and appliances, chrome sinks, and pine furniture spring to mind.

That’s all well and good, but many of us prefer dark colours – deep browns, greys, and blacks fit our personal aesthetic. How, then, can we incorporate our own tastes into a new kitchen design?

Here are some top hints and tips to just that.

Forget about convention

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to kitchen design, only things that we accept as the norm. If you want a kitchen decked out in darker shades, you should go for it. However, be aware of size and shape. Dark surfaces make a small kitchen look and feel even smaller. If you only have a small kitchen area, you might be better off tempering a lighter colour scheme with some darker highlights.

For instance…

Accent areas

J-Profile Matt Graphite

This is a good way to introduce the darker colours you prefer without closing in your kitchen space. If you keep bright colours for the walls and ceiling, you can afford to add a splash of darkness here and there. You could take this literally by adding a splashback made from tinted glass or black marble. Alternatively you could add some dark kitchen cupboard doors. The matt finish of our handleless J-Profile doors make a great addition to any kitchen large or small.

Give it some shine

Dark colours don’t have to be flat. Whether you’re making your kitchen cupboard doors or your work surface an accent area, you can take the edge off the darker shade. Choosing fixtures and fitting with a gloss finish can help you here. While offering the same darkness of character, they will reflect all natural and artificial light.

Mix up your materials

Handleless Woodgrain Lava Elm

You can make parts of your kitchen an accent area in more ways than one. While the colour and shade will certainly make them stand out from the rest of the room, your choice of materials will do the same. Why not try wood or metal effects to give your kitchen a whole new feel?

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