Pink isn’t often a colour associated with kitchen design, yet it’s one that is becoming ever-more popular in modern UK kitchens. Traditionally seen as overtly feminine and somewhat childlike, current kitchen design trends are showing the world just how versatile a colour it can be. From pale pastel pinks to vibrant fuchsias, there are so many applications for this warm and playful colour scheme.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at just some of the ways you can incorporate pinks into your kitchen colours…

Neutral shading

When choosing neutral colours for the kitchen, the old standbys have been pale yellows, blues, whites, and greys. While there’s nothing wrong with any of those, the kitchen is supposed to be a warm and welcoming place and nothing delivers that warmth better than pink.

One of the most popular shades is blush pink. More muted than some of the brighter colour variants, it benefits from a warmth and depth of colour. This works with any style of kitchen cupboard doors, as you can see from our AshfordWestburyWarwick, and Venice ranges.

Clashing colours

Speaking of colour combinations, there are plenty of choices that work well with a pink kitchen. Although it might not be the obvious choice, one of the popular trends in 2022 is mixing clashing colours to create a bright and vibrant aesthetic. Choose from shades of green to achieve this years most favoured combination, especially on kitchen doors and drawer fronts. Combine with pink paintwork, wall tiles, marble worktops, or ceramic floor tiles to complete the look. If you want to elevate your design further, add metallic edging to worktops and finish your doors and drawers with metallic handles.

Our Cartmel Fir Green shaker kitchen doors bring a depth of colour that really accentuates the pink. Likewise, our handless Luc fir green cupboard doors in darker tones add texture to your kitchen.

Colour Pop

Of course, you don’t have to relegate pink to the background. More vibrant shades of pink can be used to contrast with another neutral shade such as in an all white kitchen. There’s no shortage of bright and eye-catching pinks available, from a classic 50s shocking pinks and striking magentas to ruddy Persian pink tones and cheerful flamingo colours. 

You can use these shades to create pops of colour in your kitchen by choosing coloured accessories such as towels, wall art, and decorative items, purchasing pink appliances such as microwaves, kettles and toasters, or by adding shades of pink to splashbacks and backing for open shelving and cupboards.

Here at Hot Doors, we have a whole range of replacement kitchen doors in various shades of pink available from our online store. Whether you want new cupboard doors or kitchen drawer fronts, we have something to suit every kitchen. Check out our selection for latest prices and availability.