Kitchen doorsAt Hot Doors we make it as easy as possible to order replacement kitchen unit doors, and that includes helping you make sure the doors you order are a perfect fit for your kitchen. Fortunately, you can order samples of any of our doors at great prices, starting from only £8.99, with quick delivery.

Of course, we hope you’ll never need to return your order if you decide to go ahead and buy enough kitchen doors to replace them on all of your existing units. All the important information you’ll need to make your decision can be found on the individual listing for each product, so you can choose the exact style, colour and finish you want for your kitchen. That way you know exactly what you’re getting when you order from Hot Doors.

In addition, we do make it easy for you to find a size that matches, so you can be sure of the dimensions before finalising your order. We even offer a handy conversion table to help you calculate the dimensions you need for a new door when comparing with the old standard sizes. This can be found on each relevant product page.

However, many people prefer to see their replacement kitchen cupboard doors in person before committing to a large order, which is completely understandable. That’s why we make ordering samples as easy we can. Just follow these easy steps:

1) Browse our range of replacement kitchen cabinet doors, drawer fronts and other parts to find a few options that could suit your needs. Think about the existing colour scheme and style of your units, but don’t be afraid to try new ideas!

2) Select your shortlist based on your preferences and technical requirements. You might be able to narrow it down to a few similar options, but want to see the real thing before deciding.

kitchen door samples

3) Add a sample to your basket for each door you’re interested in. You will find samples helpfully listed at the top of each product page, right below the main header image. Just choose your quantity and hit the red button!

Cartmel kicthen doors4) Checkout and choose your delivery option to get your door samples delivered, usually within just two or three days across the UK. Then you can see the quality of our products yourself and make the final decision!

Once you’ve seen the samples and made your choice, you can scroll down each product page to browse the different sizes available along with more options. If you have any further questions before ordering, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.