Plants in a kitchen window

Let’s face it, we could all stand to be a bit more ecologically aware in our everyday life, and this comes right down to the basics, like how to design your kitchen.

Here at Hot Doors, we are proud to be an environmentally conscious company, so we’ve put together the following hot tips to help you redesign your kitchen in a more eco-friendly manner.

Energy efficiency

The biggest change you can make is investing in energy-efficient appliances. From the big guns like your washing machine, dishwasher and fridge/freezer, to the small items like the toaster and kettle, you should be keeping an eye out for those energy labels and aiming for those appliances that use the least energy over time to run.

Long-lasting furniture

Wooden kitchen table and chairs

Good quality kitchen furniture can be expensive but, for this reason, you should view it as an investment, rather than as an expense. You might be paying a lot to cover that solid oak kitchen table and matching chairs today, but you’ll still be using them ten years or more from now.

Natural materials

Bella Cambridge Odessa Oak kitchen cupboard doors and drawer fronts

When it comes to the important parts – your work surfaces and your kitchen cupboard doors and drawer fronts – you should combine the eco-ethos with all natural materials. Why not consider a stone countertop as a natural and hard-wearing alternative to plastic surfaces?

Doors and drawer fronts are even easier to change, without altering the layout of your existing kitchen installation. At Hot Door UK, we specialise in replacement kitchen cupboard doors and drawer fronts that allow you to incorporate natural wood while keeping your existing work units in place. Whether you favour oak, walnut, Swiss larch, or a host of other woods, it is the perfect place to make the most of your eco-friendly intentions.

All of these kitchen cupboard doors and drawer fronts, and so many more, are available to purchase today direct from the Hot Doors website. All our products benefit from swift delivery times across the UK, so you can give your kitchen an eco-friendly makeover straight away.