While an all-white kitchen is a timeless classic, it can be fun to break up that wave of whiteness with the occasional splash of colour. It’s a simple trick, but one that can completely change the look and feel of your kitchen. It adds a sense of fun to any size of kitchen, providing bright and eye-catching accent points.

Here are just a few ways to go about it.

Simple solutions

By far the easiest way to add a dash of colour is simply to buy some accessories to do the job for you. Whether it’s a matching toaster, kettle, and coffee machine in bright red, a set of tea, coffee, and sugar canisters, or even some artfully-placed tea towels, if the colours are bold enough, people will notice.

Fanciful fabrics

In an all-white kitchen, you’re free to go to town in terms of seat and stool cushions. Nothing looks out-of-place against such a stark background, so why not try something different?

A collection of colourful cabinets

Zurfiz ultragloss baltic blue

Your kitchen cabinet doors are the ideal place to introduce a bit of colour. You can paint them, of course, but a quicker and easier way to achieve the effect is to replace your kitchen cupboard doors with pre-coloured varieties. You can create a really eye-catching impression by only colouring the doors on the lower cabinets or cupboards – those below the main work surface.

A window on the world

Painting your window frame and window sill can create a truly interesting focal point to any kitchen. A bold, striking colour can give the impression of a framed photograph hanging on the wall – one that just happens to capture the whole of the outside world.

Ups and downs

When we think about adding colour to our kitchens, two massive opportunities are often overlooked – the floor and the ceiling. However, both provide a vast expanse of kitchen real estate to brighten up the room. Naturally, the ceiling is the easier of the two, requiring only a lick of paint, but if you’re feeling adventurous, the floor is there for the taking.

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