The first step to transform your wardrobe designs is finding what might suit your current room. Considering that many of us enjoy treating ourselves to new clothing and accessories, it’s a fair statement to say that your wardrobe aesthetic is one of the most important features in your bedroom. We all deserve a well-decorated wardrobe that complements our personality and taste.  

There’s no better place to look for ideas and inspiration than iconic celebrity homes and closets. With the right wardrobe components and colour choice, you don’t have to spend a fortune replicating their design styles. Here are hot doors honourable mentions and recommendations to get you started.

Catherine Zeta Jones Dark wooden cabinetry

The iconic Welsh actress recently treated her Instagram followers with a glance of her closet and wardrobe design. The tour showcased her love for fancy bags, gold and silver-tone shoes fit for award ceremonies and lavish celebrity parties. Her neatly arranged collections were put in the spotlight with a complimentary dark wooden cabinetry design.

If you want a Zeta Jones inspired wardrobe, pick dark tone components to include in your design-build. Her black units and dark wooden combination scheme present a sophisticated aesthetic that also emanates a feminine air. For a more masculine design, opt for a matt finish instead of gloss. Just like Catherina Zeta’s eye for design, you can showcase your stylish wardrobe with an elegant dark décor backdrop.

We recommend Knebworth Matt Black.

Kate Hudson’s chic white closet

Kate’s all-white scheme and neutral aesthetic frame her shoe and handbag collections beautifully, while the near addition of a mirror makes the space feel light, luxurious and cosy. When faced with the difficult decision of what to wear, all you need is a crisp white wardrobe that can create a serene atmosphere in your room, and maybe this will help clear your mind.

To style, your wardrobe design like Kate Hudson’s white colour scheme look, make sure to pick the right tone of white that can match your current room style. An all-white wardrobe can accentuate the vibrant colours of your clothing collection and make it easier to differentiate accessories and shoes. Alternatively, a white sliding wardrobe can make the room feel luxurious. The addition of full mirrored wardrobe doors can help make the room feel spacious, and with decent natural lighting, the light tones can provide a superb shelving illumination and natural glow.

We recommend Lincoln High Gloss Cashmere.

Rachel Stevens pink inspired dressing room

Former S Club 7 member Rachel Stevens has blessed her fans on Instagram with her stylish pink inspired wardrobe design – with a pastel-like pink hue, the design choice doesn’t seem overbearing at all. The singer’s Instagram-worthy shelving unit is complemented with vases and faux plants to radiate a glamorous vibe. With her pink drawers and matching wall paint, it’s without a doubt a pink lover’s paradise.

To replicate Rachels pink inspired wardrobe design, you can opt for flesh-toned pink and pastel peach shades to create a relaxing environment. Just like Rachel’s faux plants, adding earthy palettes and pot filled greens near your wardrobe goes well with a pink tone backdrop. You can’t go wrong with the addition of oversized palm leaves, and foliage emulates a tropical feel. Overall, it’s the perfect place to snap up some selfies to fill up your Instagram feed.

We recommend Canterbury Matt Blush Pink.

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