Compared to our European neighbours, British kitchens take up a lot of space. We tend to have more appliances, more surfaces to work with and more drawers and cupboards than they do on the continent. In many ways, modern British kitchen layouts owe more to America than to our friends across the channel.

There is, however, something to be learned from any design aesthetic, and European kitchens are no different. In this article, we’re going to look at some specifics of European kitchen design and how it can help us make our own kitchens that much more organised.

Cosy and Creative

On the whole, European kitchens are smaller than UK kitchens. They are places to prepare food and drink, rather than to sit in with a cup of tea, reading the morning paper. You will not find a breakfast bar or a kitchen island in many continental kitchens. What you will find is a creative use of space that helps you do a lot with a little.

Strip Down to the Essentials

Take a look at the appliances you have in your kitchen and ask yourself if you really need them or if they are there solely for convenience. Why have a food processor taking up space, when you have a perfectly good knife set, pestle and mortar, and mandolin to handle those tasks? Why have toaster when your oven has a grill? Why have a microwave at all? European kitchens have very few mod-cons, which doesn’t stop their owners cooking amazing meals. This includes the bigger appliances. Dishwashers are a rarity in Europe, as are tumble dryers. Washing machines, on the other hand, tend to be located in a bathroom or utility room. Getting rid of unnecessary gadgets can make your available work space double in size.

French Kitchen Style

The traditional French kitchen is one of rustic charm, with everything out in the open. Pans and utensils a hung from the ceiling, tableware is arranged in dressers and on open shelves. The only cupboard space is usually found below waist level, these can benefit from light cupboard doors such as Cartmel Shaker in Cashmere or Oakgrain Shaker doors in mussel that provide a clean aesthetic that makes the space look bigger.

Italian Kitchen Style

The modern Italian kitchen prefers to work around the available space to achieve its goals, rather than be dictated to by it. Simple, stylish cupboard doors like our light grey Newmarket range allow worktops to be extended further, providing hidden storage areas, beneath.

Swedish Kitchen Style

No – it’s not just IKEA furniture! Like most Scandinavian countries, the Swedish aesthetic is one of natural minimalism. This could include white flooring and botanical wall prints or tiling. To form a counterpoint to that, many Scandi kitchens incorporate light natural wood such as our natural oak or painted oak cupboard doors, that give shape to the kitchen without requiring much in the way of ornamentation.

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