Although white has been a popular choice for kitchen design over the last decade, there has been a bit of a shift away from it in 2023. With the focus on warmer, earthy tones this year, it’s still possible to create an all white kitchen and stay firmly on trend with a few adjustments.

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at some of the ways you can update your all white-kitchen and the important role made to measure cupboard doors play in building your overall design.

Warm whites

We think of white kitchens as being stark and brilliant, a natural extension of those imposing, bright-white freezers, dishwashers, and other appliances, so beloved of the 80s and 90s. In actuality, softer shades of white are more likely to make an appearance in the kitchen this year, giving it a warmer, less clinical look.

Cream, ivory, Chantilly lace, almond – these are all plain white shades with a warm, welcoming undertone. Combine these subtle colours with gloss kitchen doors, such as our Viv High Gloss Slab IvoryLuc Handleless Gloss Cashmere, or Luc Handleless Gloss Cream kitchen doors and the combination of sleekness and cosiness creates a stunning effect in any kitchen.

Brilliant white

Brilliant whites still have their place in a kitchen in 2023, of course. They make a great foundation for building up with warmer, off-whites to give you kitchen a sense of depth. An easy and effective trick is to confine the brighter and starker whites the walls, whether as paint, paper or tiles, and create layers of progressively warmer whites.

Perhaps lead from a pure white wall to a pale marble or quartz splashback and worktop, all the way to made-to-measure cupboard doors in a rich ivory hue. Shaker style kitchen doors, such as our Cartmel Ivory 5-Piece Shaker are particularly good for this effect, as are our Cambridge Ivory Painted Wood doors, which combine cosier shades with a natural wood-grain effect. Finish the look with white wood effect laminate flooring, slate tiles, or marble. 

Brilliant white also provides an excellent base for many of 2023’s statement trends. Why not try:

  • A stone waterfall island to add a dramatic focal point in a larger kitchen.
  • Combining a mixture of metals to add a glamourous accent.
  • Furniture style cupboards and drawers for a rustic, vintage vibe.
  • Pale wood accents to create a more natural aesthetic.
  • Wallpaper backsplashes to create a completely unique look and feel.
  • Glass shelves and glass-fronted kitchen cabinets for a light and airy look that displays your best tableware. 
Kitchen lights can bring an all white kitchen to life

Let there be light

Of course, white kitchens are at their most effective when properly lit. The play of kitchen lighting on different shades of white can be quite breath-taking, creating a wonderful landscape of light and shadow that breathe life into your humble domestic kitchen. This is something that can be embraced through the judicious use of statement lighting.

Having bold, bright lights in your kitchen can help you make the most of your white décor. Alternatively, coloured lighting can create a completely new vibe, treating the rest of the kitchen as its own canvas.

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