teenagers bedroom

As children grow up to become teenagers, they look for ways to stamp their own sense of identity on their surroundings. There’s no better way to achieve this than by redesigning their bedroom.

Here are some hot tips on how to do that.

1 . Their room, their rules

Whilst a surprise makeover might sound like the ideal gift, in truth you’re taking away any agency your teenager might have in terms of affecting their immediate environment. Ask them what they want, let them draw up plans – whatever they need to feel a part of the decision.

2. Stay neutral

Keeping the base colour of the room neutral is a great starting point for any bedroom design. It allows your teenager to play around with flashes of bolder colour to act as a contrast. This could be something as simple as an accent wall, or a brightly painted door frame. A fun and different twist is to replace their wardrobe doors with either hinged doors or sliding wardrobe doors. At Hot Doors we have a range of vibrant and striking colours to choose from that will form the perfect contrast for any room.

3. Fixtures and focal points

If your teenager is happy with the colour in their bedroom and don’t really care for a major remodelling, you can give the existing walls a new lease of life with some new fixtures to act as focal points for the room. Floating bookshelves are a great choice, as is a large-scale mirror. Something new and significant that will catch the eye when stepping into the room.

4. Grab that paintbrush

A way to make decorating their bedroom fun for you and your teenager is to let them loose with the paint and brush. Whether you have them paint the walls or the woodwork, it’s a great way for them to stamp their own personality on the room. Why not buy replacement wardrobe doors with a paintable vinyl finish and let them add a design that they love?

All wardrobe doors are available to purchase from the Hot Doors online store with fast UK delivery as standard. Sliding doors are customised to your specific requirements, so feel free to request a quote today.