A kitchen redesign should be an investment, something that feels as relevant and contemporary in 20 years as it does on the drawing board.

Here are some tips to help you achieve that look.

Stay away from trends

It seems an odd suggestion on a design blog, but it’s true. If you want your kitchen to still be looking current a decade or more down the line, there’s no point in choosing whatever look is popular here and now. Before long it’s going to be out of fashion, and you’ll have to start all over again.

Keep it light

Neutral colours are always a good choice for your kitchen drawers and cupboards. Light greys, creams, magnolias, and the always popular plain white never go out of style and fit well into almost any house. An alternative is to plump for a metal finish like chrome or stainless steel on fittings, for that professional kitchen look.

We love: The classic style and sleek lines of York Satin White which combines perfectly with dark marble worksurfaces and splashbacks for a timeless monochrome look.

Remember the classics

Cartmel white shaker doors

With your cabinets sorted, look to the rest of the kitchen. Charcoal and marble worktops are evergreen classics, either one complementing the light cabinetry of your kitchen. Incorporating coloured splashbacks can also help to give your kitchen its own look while retaining its timeless appeal.

We love: The traditional shaker style of Cartmel White 5-Piece which looks great in a country kitchen or paired with coloured walls, tiles or splashbacks that make the units really pop.

Simple changes

A timeless look is all well and good, but everyone hankers for a change now and again. By keeping the basics described above, you can give yourself a fresh-looking kitchen simply by changing the cupboard doors and drawers with something more striking. It feels like a major renovation, but it keeps the heart of your kitchen the same as it was and costs a fraction of the price of a full redesign.

At Hot Doors, we have a wide selection of replacement kitchen cupboard doors and drawer fronts that can help you create that timeless look for your kitchen. On the other hand, if you’re looking at a more personal and vibrant redesign, they are a perfect, low-cost option for upgrading and updating without having to redo the whole kitchen. Check out our online store for your own inspiration.