U shaped kitchenFor practicality of design, the U-shaped kitchen has much to recommend it. Compared to the L-shaped kitchen or the galley, it offers greater opportunities for storage while maximising efficiency by having everything at your fingertips.

Here are some simple ideas to make the most of your U-shaped kitchen.

Let there be light

Ideally, your kitchen window should mark the ‘U’ end of your kitchen. Not only does it allow for the maximum penetration of natural light, but it marks the perfect spot for your sink and drainer, giving you something to look at while you do the washing up, without feeling closed in by overhead wall units.

Sink against kitchen windowHow to ace your space

Even a small kitchen can benefit from the U-shape design. So long as there is sufficient room between the two longer edges of the kitchen, incorporating a third wall gives you 150% of your original work surface and storage area. It’s a simple trick that can really declutter an old-style galley kitchen.

When is a U-shape not a U-shape?

When you cheat, of course: keep your existing galley kitchen the way it is and reposition your appliances along the shorter third wall. The aesthetic is much the same as building up from scratch, with the added benefit that your appliances are centrally placed, leaving more room to manoeuvre in the rest of the kitchen.

Be bold with your new space

Why have this exciting new cooking environment, if you’re going to stick with tried and tested whites and creams for your storage space? Liven up your kitchen cupboard doors by adding a splash of colour and make your kitchen a fun place to be. Whether you choose a single, striking colour across your kitchen cupboard doors, or just one or two differently-hued accent doors, it can make a huge difference.

At Hot Doors we have kitchen cupboard doors available in a wide range of colours to suit you. Failing that, we have a selection of doors that we can custom hand paint in a colour of your choice, guaranteeing the perfect shade for your U-shaped kitchen. View our range today for more information.