Japandi is a contemporary design style that combines Scandinavian and Japanese design elements, creating something all its own in the process. Like the two interior design styles its takes on, Japandi is a minimalist approach that relies on stark, defined edges, along with natural features and plain backdrops. It is a style that can be applied to any room in the house, even the kitchen. As the UK’s leading supplier of kitchen cupboard doors, we’ve got a few hints and tips for creating the perfect Japandi-style kitchen.

Flat White

Luc Handleless Matt White

No, we’re talking about your morning cup of coffee here. White fixtures and fittings are a quintessential part of the Japandi design experience. For starters, it goes with anything, making it easy to accessorise with various ornaments or other design elements. White also provides a great backdrop for your kitchen, against which you can built up focal points using more neutral (or natural) tones. To achieve this effect, we recommend sticking with a matt finish for your white surfaces and replacement kitchen doors.

Bold Navy

Zur Supermatt Indigo Blue

The minimalist approach of the Japandi style lends itself well to bold statement elements in your kitchen. Most designers tend to shy away from pure black as a contrast colour, in the same way that they avoid gloss finishes for the plain white foundation. Instead, dark and rich navy tones stand in for black as the perfect colour to complement your white, off-white, or beige backdrop.

Wood and Stone

Val Oriental Black

This is what Japandi is all about – incorporating facets of nature into the home environment. In Japandi style, wood signifies the warmth of mother nature, while the stone shows her implacability. Both elements are intimately wrapped around one another and you should try to find ways to bring both into your kitchen. Wooden cabinets and kitchen cupboard doors are an obvious start point, but you can mix things up. Why not have a wooden kitchen table or butcher’s block, and use stone or marble effects for your replacement kitchen doors?

Concrete Finishes

Venice London Concrete

When we talk about Japanese and Scandinavian design, we think of natural elements, but it’s worth remembering that both cultures are highly-industrialised in the modern day. Adding concrete finishes to your kitchen cupboard doors can be a great way to combine the the traditional with the up-to-date, whilst still maintaining the broad aesthetics of the Japandi style.

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