We’re all about getting your home improvements completed on a sensible budget at Hot Doors, so when it comes to kitchen remodelling we think it’s important to ensure costs don’t spiral out of control. Keep a close eye on your original objectives, and use some of the following tips to get great results for less.

Change only what you can see

There’s no need to replace your entire kitchen units and structure if you don’t want to make any major changes and the results won’t be seen anyway. Instead, look at replacement kitchen cupboard doors and handles which can completely transform the style of your room with minimal time and expense. Our high gloss, handle-less, matt finish and traditional wooden doors all start from less than £10 each, making them a fantastic way to get many more years out of your current kitchen.

Choose a simple style

When deciding on the overall look for your kitchen, it may be the smaller details and decorations that really finish it off. Whether it’s a traditional look, a modern monochrome vibe or an explosion of colour you’re looking for, some minimal but well-chosen finishing touches can be all you need. A focal point and some simple contrasting colours can do the trick. This also means if you want to swap the smaller details with a different style or colour, this can be a very inexpensive makeover.

Make everything easily accessible

When designing your kitchen or thinking about what to change, just focus on how you actually use your kitchen. When you’re preparing food, what do you need close to hand? When you’re entertaining, which areas do you want to be accessible? Place your cupboards and racks where you need them for storage, leaving wide walkways to make moving around your kitchen as easy and comfortable as possible. It costs nothing to plan carefully, but saves you time for years to come!

Keep the design flexible

You might want to refresh or modify your design a bit later, so try not to model your kitchen strictly around one specific layout. Your needs might change over time and you could end up with different appliances, need to fit more in or find yourself needing more space to move around. It will save you money in the future if you can go longer without another full renovation.

For more Hot Doors products that can transform your kitchen for less, take a look at our full selection of replacement kitchen unit doors here, or take a look at our entire selection of products. If you have any questions about our products, our made-to-measure options or anything else, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.