Waterfall islands can make a real statement in any kitchen. Unlike regular kitchen islands, the worktop of a waterfall island doesn’t stop at the edges of the island surface. Rather, the worktop turns at 90 degrees, extending to touch the floor.

Of course, if you have such a fantastic statement piece in your kitchen, you’ll want the perfect kitchen cabinet doors to go with it. Fortunately, here at Hot Doors, we have plenty for you to choose from:

Contrasting Cupboard Doors

Waterfall kitchen island worktops tend to be a single colour – often a fairly neutral one, such as natural wood or stone, or a simple white or black finish. This gives you the perfect opportunity to draw attention to your island by adding bright and colourful kitchen cabinet doors. At Hot Doors, we offer hand-painted doors in 22 distinct colours and with a variety of styles to choose from. We also offer a colour matching service that allows us to paint the doors to shades by all major paint brands including Dulux. Enough, certainly, for you to really make your waterfall island stand out.

Complementary Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Of course, the island itself might be enough of a statement for you and we can understand that. Those same hand-painted doors can also provide you with matching colours and tones for your island. Alternatively, you can choose from cupboard doors that have a natural wood grain pattern, or even a black granite or anthracite metal finish to match your worktop material.

Handle-less Cupboard Doors

Your statement waterfall island is traditionally situated in the middle of your kitchen floor. If you’re passing back and forth with hot pans and loaded plates, the last thing you want to do is snag a belt loop or a dressing gown cord on one of your kitchen cabinet doors’ handles. Of course, there’s a simple solution to that – get rid of the handles! We have a range of models that feature recessed grips for opening and closing, rather than protruding handles. These come in a variety of colours, from pure white to darkest anthracite, with a host of options in between. You can also get a matt finish for a more muted look, or gloss finishes for that added sheen.

However you choose to equip your waterfall island with kitchen cabinet doors, we are here to help. Call Hot Doors today on 01279 883 099 to speak to a member of the team or order online for fast UK delivery.